View Full Version : Alice Horton's legacy...Ciara Alice Brady!!

7.5.07, 11:01 AM
WOW!!! What a magnificent 4th of July episode!!!

How AWESOME was it to see Frances Reid again? It was SOOOOOO cute the way Peter and Kristian both kissed her cheeks at the same time! LOL

LOVED how everybody paused when Bo announced Alice's arrival!

The youngest Horton female - Ciara FINALLY got to meet the Matriarch - Alice!!!!! History in the making!

It was so cute how Peggy McCay was cracking up in the background as Alice said "I'm nearly perfect" LOL!

It was nice to see Mary Beth again! She looked ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! Renee Jones looked fabulous! ALL the vets looked sooooo GOOD!!!

Ciara looked sooooo beautiful in her little dress and Kristian, of, course, was as radiant as ever!

Writers, you have certainly outdone yourselves! I can't wait for Christmas!!!!!!!!

7.5.07, 4:29 PM
AGREED! I loved the family picture to!!!

7.7.07, 12:15 AM
Did anyone else notice that Chelsea was not in the family picture?? I even freeze framed because I wanted to see whom she was standing next to (Nick or Jett) - she was no where to be found...strange!