View Full Version : Oh, Chelsea, SHUT UP!

7.5.07, 10:59 AM
And mind your own freaking business while you're at it. :rolleyes:

7.7.07, 12:19 AM
I agree with you, completely!! This girl lives for drama - she can't get along without it!! Can't she just see that Nick loves her..and Stephanie was the WRONG person to go to for advice about love and sex. She should have went to Hope about it....I think hope would have told her that no one's first time is great - it is awkward - just like stephanie said, however hope would have also mentioned that it does get better and to give it some time....i just cannot stand the character of stephanie!!

7.8.07, 6:20 PM
And mind your own freaking business while you're at it. :rolleyes:

She does need to let the whole Nick doing Kate thing go already. But as for Jett I think she should tell him his girl is cheating. Nick needs to stop trying to mark his territory because Chelsea can't even bring herself to tell him she loves him since she doesn't. She's still using him.

7.8.07, 11:15 PM
I'm really confused about what the writers think they're doing with Chick. Do they see Jett as an obstacle to Chick? Or do they see Chelsea and Jett (Chett) as end game? Because the way they're writing it is as if Chelsea doesn't have feelings for Nick but she doesn't want to hurt him and she's trying to deny growing feelings for Jett.

I'm very confused. I feel like someone else has taken over writing this story. I loved Chick at the beginning... and this is coming from someone who HATED Chelsea. But I loved how she didn't want to like him but couldn't help herself... and I loved how hot she was for this "geek" and was so surprised by it. Now they're just... boring.

7.9.07, 12:47 AM
Yeah I don't get what the writers are doing either. I don't see Jett as a lasting character. So why even bring him between Chelsea and Nick. It seemed like Chick cleared the air, made up, and then some. Then all of the sudden Chelsea has her head up her butt.

Why on earth is she even giving Stephanie the time of day. When Steph left those two couldn't stand each other. So they changed actresses and now the two are buddies. And Jerm is a twit. I really think he would try and prostitute out Steph and Chelsea up in that plane. And why in the hell do they have to bring down Max in the process.

7.11.07, 12:11 PM
Yeah, Steph and Chelsea being BFF all the sudden is weird. But I guess with Abby gone they had to do something. Oh, and Germy? Would totally pimp Steph and Chels out if he could.

I wonder why Jett has a fake fiance. If it's something stupid like he made her up so Chelsea wouldn't think he was hitting on her or something like that, I'm going to be so mad. But what other reason could there be? And why tell Nick he's afraid she's cheating on him? So weird.

7.12.07, 1:53 PM
A what is up with this insistence of "Jet is my friend" out of Chelsea. She's been acquainted with him for what two weeks tops Salem time and she's all into being loyal to the friendship. She's known Nick much longer and he has proven over and again his loyalty to her. I liked their scenes yesterday when Nick rightfully was asking her what the deal was. I am glad that Nick told Chelsea about how Kate blackmailed him. Hopefully Chelsea will make him do the right thing.

7.16.07, 12:49 PM
I think "Jett is my friend and therefore I must devote all my attention to his current situation of being cheated on." is Chelsea's way of not dealing with her situation with Nick. I think the "bad sex" really threw Chelsea and made her question Nick and her feelings for him.

Clearly she's not mature/experienced enough to deal with it, and Nick's not mature/experienced enough to figure it out. And Nick is just making it worse by constantly wanting to have sex again...not his fault - it's a natural reaction, but it freaks Chelsea out even more because she can't figure out what went wrong the first time... and what if it happens again? and if so, what does that mean? So until Chelsea finally tells Nick what's wrong, they are going to keep upsetting each other.

And Nick kept after Chelsea about the sex because he feels her slipping away (he thinks because of Jett) and he needs reassurance. He also wants the love and support of his girlfriend while her grandmother blackmails him because of something he did to protect her, but Chelsea couldn't give him that until she knew what was going on. So, like you, I'm glad Nick finally told her that at least. Now if we can just get Chelsea to be honest.

7.22.07, 8:56 PM
ROTFLMAO!!! I always hate Chelsea...

Suzanne Lanoue

7.25.07, 1:52 AM
You know I have to be on Chelsea's side on going on another flight. As she told Nick she's saving money for college. Nobody is paying her way. Nick should understand that.

7.31.07, 6:10 PM
And back to the title of this thread. Oh Chelsea SHUT UP. Good grief she sounded like she was on the elementary playground. "I hate Nick, and I hate Jett".