View Full Version : Good Night And Good Luck

12.27.08, 8:25 AM
This is an old one, but you might have missed it, like I did.
One of David Strathairn's best performances.
It chronicles the Edward R. Murrow confrontation with Senator Joseph McCarthy involving the communism "red scare".
A great flick, especially if you like period pieces about the early fifties.

12.28.08, 8:55 AM
I liked that movie. I saw two other movies in the past week too. Frost/Nixon is really good. Frank Langella is so believable as Nixon it's creepy. I also watched Transiberian on pay-per-view. It's with Woody Harrelson and Ben Kinglsey about tourists who get caught up in drug trafficking in Russia. Very suspenseful and a good watch.