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12.26.08, 3:42 PM
Well let me tell you.
I was all jazzed up about going to see this movie.
I got a gift certificate to the movie theater for Christmas.
So it didn't cost me a thing.
And I'm really glad it didn't.
I really bought into the hype about there being a big "The Sixth Sense" kind of twist at the end.
Um no.
Unless you are the dimmest bulb in the box, you will figure out where this movie is going about a half hour in.
And I'm not here to spoil anything for anyone.
I just didn't feel like the hype surrounding this story line was in keeping with how the story actually played out.

1.2.09, 12:24 PM
Well, I'm the dimmest bulb mtj. :p I didn't figure it all out for most of the movie. I really liked it though - we went last night not having read any reviews or anything about the story line, and we both liked it.

1.2.09, 12:53 PM
We definitely read too many reviews before going to see the movie. I think I'm going to stop doing that, especially for "twist at the end" type movies.

1.2.09, 2:50 PM
I never read movie reviews before I see the film. I haven't heard anything about Seven Pounds except to see a small snippet when Will Smith was on Letterman. I love Will Smith. As for twists, I figured out "The Sixth Sense" about 10 minutes into the film. Will I figure this one out as well?

1.2.09, 3:07 PM
Agent, if you don't figure it out, I will eat my hat and yours.

1.5.09, 4:28 PM
I thought it was good, not amazing. I enjoyed it.

1.5.09, 5:14 PM
I've gotten so that I read the first paragraph and the last paragraph of reviews. Most reviewers have almost become recappers rather than critics. Just let me know if it's worth a couple hours of my life and if it's well done. Some basics about story and genre. too. I hate it when most of the movie is given away by the trailers + the reviews.

I got 6th Sense early but I read enough of that kind of story that I was watching for the twist. Still liked the movie though.

1.5.09, 11:05 PM
No, wait for it on DVD or HBO. imo.