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7.4.07, 10:35 PM
I would love to hear opinions from everyone on what you consider to be good,bad and plain ol' ugly about DAYS lately. I'll start with mine.

I am very happy that Anna is back. She's had me in stitches and I love the love/hate thing going with Roman. God knows he needs a story line and a love interest. I wouldn't mind seeing ol scheming Kate and Anna go at it.

I also like seeing Tony and E.J. go at it as well. The way Tony socks it to E.J. with his sarcasm is hilarious.

I like the scenes between Kayla and Steve, John and Marlena and Bo and Hope.

I'm also excited about the Colleen story.

There is NO chemistry (to ME) between Jett and his fiance. I don't know where this story is going but either change the actress or abandon the storyline all together.

I am sick to death of Phillip pining for Belle. It's time to bring in a new love interest for him or get this whole serogate mother/baby story on it's way so Phillip can have something to do but being lovesick for Belle.

I really don't think Chelsea and Nick should have so many obstacles just yet. They are not a solid couple and I think the writers should change that before they decide to break them up before they really get started.

So Adrienne owns the Cheat'n'Heart now? Since when? And will her husband and children ever be mentioned or seen?

Why does Stephanie have to be such a rude,clueless witch? Stephanie would never disrespect her father the way the writers are having her do it now. And I really don't like Jeremy. What's the point of him being here anyway?

Kate blackmailing Nick? WHYYY??? I really hate that. Why does he have to be soooooo dumb? I was glad he told Billie what Kate was up to then Billie talked to her Mom and all Kate had to do was say " I won't do it again and I'm sorry". Case closed?? Gimmie a break!

Sami trying to be a hero? Ok ok, I like that Sami has finally got a clue and grew up but c'mon, this is Sami. Making her a goodie-2-shoes doesn't make her SAMI. Don't get me wrong, I like that she isn't blaming John for all of her problems or scheming just to be a b!tch. But being manipulative, calculating and evil is what she does best. If it's for good reasons (like to get back at the DiMeras) then I say bring back the old Sami. ONLY if she will have a Robinhood complex, ya know, do bad things for the greater good. :)

7.5.07, 1:12 AM
The good.

Marlena and Sami at the hospital.
Anna and Roman are lot's of fun.
Bo figuring out Phil was behind the job and having a good talk with Shawn.

The bad.

Phil for manipulating Belle.
Belle for being so pea-brained to not even see it.

The ugly.

Chelsea for having second thoughts about Nick because he didn't sex her up good enough.
Nick for being blackmailed by Kate.
Jeremy and Stephanie for being a couple of skanks.
Tony for being a friggin cartoon.

7.5.07, 12:21 PM
DOOL1Fan, I found myself pretty much agreeing with everything you said.

Love Anna (shockingly even with Roman who usually bores me to tears), love Tony and EJ (I want snarky EJ back though), love K, S, J, M, B, & H.

I could care less about Jeremy, Jett, and company. (Why hasn't Jett at least stopped by to see Uncle Abe?)

I like Chick, but I also think they need more time as a couple. For Pete's sake, they've only been a "couple" for a week in between all their obstacles (i.e. Nick's a nerd, Mom deflowers Nick, Chelsea wants Nick to commit a crime to prove his love, Bad Sex, etc.)

Since when is Billie so stupid? Did she really think that giving Kate a "talking to" would stop her? All of Kate's children seem to acknowledge that she is a psychotically obsessed control-freak, but they all just shake their heads and sigh with exasperation when she tries to destroy someone's life. Why is that?

I am loving Phillip again (I've always liked JKJ - especially cause he's from my hometown :) ) but I don't know why everyone is in love with Belle. I really liked the friend dynamic when they were in high school. This latest dynamic between the two of them is really weird. It's almost like they are friends with no prior baggage and he's sort of "wooing" her. And she's playing the clueless ingenue. Weren't they married for like a year or two?

I'm loving grown-up Sami, but I also don't want her to lose her personality. I don't want Stepford Sami. Where's the spuck and the scheming? I realize she's a little out of her league against Stefano and Tony, but with EJ's and/or Lucas's help she should be able to make a good show of it. They are three of Salem's biggest schemers, after all. Now, if they could get Kate to use her powers for good instead of evil, Stefano and Tony wouldn't stand a chance.

7.5.07, 4:36 PM
I find myself agreeing with you on the Good, Bad and mostly Ugly. I do enjoy Sami, so I would not put her s/l in Ugly. But I sure would put Jeremy as #1 in there!! LOL! What a waste of a Horton son of Mike and Robyn!! And yes, the new Stephanie needs to be slapped around by Mother and Dad! What happened to her? I miss Shayna Rose, the original Stephanie and I never thought I would say that!!

7.5.07, 5:24 PM
Where's the spuck and the scheming?

BTW, that? should say "spunk". I don't know what spuck is, but it sounds nasty and I hope Sami doesn't have it.

7.6.07, 1:37 AM
Okay, here are my very humble (and sometimes unpopular) opinions:


Return of the veterans. I love Steve and Kayla but wish they would get a decent storyline. I hear rumors that Kim is returning. I hope t his is true because she is my ALL TIME favorite character. Anna is the best. I always loved Leann Hunley (even on Dawson's Creek when she played a less than redemptive character). Julie and Doug are great, please let them buy back Doug's Place and let it be a center of activity. It would be great to have Liz back to sing at least once (maybe at the grand re-opening?).


Stephanie. I liked her when she first came on the show. She was spunky, had a career normally taken by men and she was totally loyal to her family. How fast did she call Steve Papa? The current character is the antithesis of the original character; she is cheap, crass and couldn't care less about her Papa.

THE UGLY (This is where my opinons are very unpopluar. I guess I am entitled to them): http://www.mysmiley.net/imgs/smile/ashamed/ashamed0007.gif (http://www.arlingtonhotelgroup.co.uk)

The return of John Black. I really wish he would have stayed in the coma. The best months in the past few years were the ones without him. From what I have read, Drake is a wonderful person and I don't doubt that he is. However, he is not a great, or even good, actor. I think Deidre is a much better actress when acting with anyone else (but especially with Allison). I was not happy to see the eyebrow raising, hand wringing (or pointing) and snapping the mouth shut that Drake uses to show emotion return to the show. I have never been able to see any emotion in his eyes the way I can with the other actors. I guess that is why I put it in the ugly rather than the bad. With that said, I know there are a TON of John and Marlena fans on this board and others (I know I am in an incredibly small minority). I am happy for them that they are getting to see their couple. For me, it just means more fastfoward time.

Please be kind when defending Drake/John. http://www.mysmiley.net/imgs/smile/scared/scared0012.gif (http://www.arlingtonhotelgroup.co.uk)

7.6.07, 12:56 PM
The Good:
I like seeing all the vets again Love Anna being back she is my favorite her and roman are funny waiting for the real Tony and her.Glad Steve is back to normal.
Like how Lucas is supporting sami still.Love Bo and Hopes cute talk.
Looking forward to Phillips baby story soon.Love the Dimeras.

The Bad:
Do not like how Sami runs off with E.J all the time.Wish this feud story was more about the vets then E.J and Sami.Don't like what is going on with Nick give the guy a break.Shelle bore me.

The Ugly:

Jeramy and Stephanie,wow what can I say that everyone doesn't know lol.Well steve really should pound that guy why can't Stephanie see what he is like treats her like crap and disrespects her father.Well they got her acting like a cheap tramp anyways.Chelsea is starting to follow in her footsteps uhhgg!
Kate she needs to go same story all the time get a life woman. Thats it for now.