View Full Version : JER, wtf?

7.4.07, 5:38 PM
Regarding that "dancing" scene...what was he thinking??

7.4.07, 8:38 PM
Do you think? It had to be played for comedy.:upsideq:

7.4.07, 10:56 PM
It sure looked like Eric Martsoff(sp?) was having a terrific time doing that scene. He looked like he was laughing his way through it! I keep wondering why he didn't pull that stupid mask off already. From the previews, it appears that the 'it' is the offspring of Eve and Julian. So I'm wondering how come Sheridan recognized it? Is it someone we already know?

7.5.07, 4:08 PM
i did not like the goofy dancing scene. but its not as bad as the luis/precious thing. that was a joke.

7.5.07, 5:17 PM
I thought it was funny. After all it is the He/She's fantasy, not Ethan's. Eric did a great job with the scene I was ROFL so hard I thought I was going to lose it! I'm pretty sure the scene was intended to be comical.
*Ethan dances around the room with a rose in his mouth. He has now realized that the Shemale is his dream lover* LOL!