View Full Version : Annie

12.18.08, 12:16 PM
Do you guys think that Annie is faking her break down? I totally think she is faking so Ryan won't leave her and she won't go to jail. I think that is why Aiden is there to bust her!
What happend to Carmen they don't even show her anymore and I thought she was the maid to the Chandlers!
I wanted them to explore more of her relationship with Randi.

1.4.09, 5:32 AM
I think Aiden is there to use her. I think he wants to manipulate her to get revenge on Ryan and Greenlee. I don't understand this whole sl though. They keep showing Ryan feeling guilty about Annie being there, he didn't choose to put her there, the law did. If she wasn't there she'd be in jail. And why has she not already been in maximum security? They have made a mess of this sl imo.
I'm glad Carmen is gone, although once again her whole anger at Erica came out of nowhere. How can she be angry at Erica? Come on, she's got street experience, she should have known better than to go after Jack. That whole sl should be a bad dream! lol She quit her job at the Chandlers after her fight with Erica over Jack.