View Full Version : Where is everyone ?

7.3.07, 10:33 PM
I am totally sick of Meg's wounded look. She needs a new face.

I thought Carly looked FABULOUS at the party. She reminded me
of the 1940-50's Hollywood beauties in the old movie magazines.
Does anyone remember PHOTOPLAY ?

I am enjoying the "kids" this summer. Sometimes the summer teen sl's leave
me a little cold. But this is a good one.

Cleo gives me shivers. What a creepy sicko.

What have they done to Gwen ? She used to be so savvy, so spunky, so witty..
now she just seems like a lukewarm blah. Maybe she is too exhausted from
playing Cleo that there is nothing left for Gwen.. Still... blah.

7.4.07, 4:04 PM
what I dont get is why nobody believes Jades story. I mean to not even be a little bit leary of Cleo is a little far fetched.

7.5.07, 10:26 AM
No one believes Jade because until this very moment she's been a lying, cheating little wench. Does it seem like I don't like her? lol Even when she was telling the truth she was lying (saying she was Rose's daughter but didn't know she really was). It's nice that Jade's trying to help out Gwill now, but basically she's just cleaning up her own mess.

I agree, Gwen was a much better character when she first came on, but then she became a "heroine". And heroines are good... and if there's one thing I've learned from soaps it's that good is stupid and wimpy and boring.

7.5.07, 3:08 PM
It's kinda true. When Carly was being good, she and Jack did seem a bit boring, now that she's back, she's TRYING to be good bit can't help trying to intimidate Katie every chance she gets. And she does a fine job of it, I must say!

7.5.07, 4:17 PM
It's funny, I LUV when Carly is snarky with Katie and gives her those you're-gum-stuck-on-the-bottom-of-my-shoe looks, but when Katie does it back, I think, "Why doesn't that smug little twit go try to steal someone else's life!" Gah! I can't stand her!

7.22.07, 8:26 PM
I wish they would concentrate more on the older characters because they have so many, and they are so talented. It's criminal the way they are under-using Barbara, Tom, and Margo now.

I like the teens but in smaller doses. Wish the show were more balanced.

Suzanne Lanoue