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12.16.08, 8:47 AM

The Arabian Hunting Spider, Acanthoscurria dominus

A terrarium needs to be big, and wide about 6foot long by 3 foot wide and 3 foot tall.
Some Arabian Hunting Spiders have been know to get as large as 15 inches long and
weigh more that 5 pounds. A special substrate, or a mixture of clay, earth, and sand may
be filled to several inches high so that the spider can make tunnels although it likely will
not do so. A place to hide should be offered, for example an old pillow or old shoes.
A bowl with water needs to be supplied.
The Arabian Hunting Spider is an excellent hunter and can be quite elusive. It can blend
in with its background not unlike a Chameleon Lizard and hide almost anywhere It
is right at home hiding in sofas and chairs. It can become aggressive if exposed to loud
noises and crowds. In its natural Habitat the Arabian Hunting Spider hunts and feeds
on small warm blooded animals. There venom is neurotoxin that paralyzes there pray
and leaves them helpless as they feed.
The Arabian Hunting Spider is easy to care for. Feed twice a day with small live mice
It should be kept separate from other pets as it has been known to prey on cats and small dogs

Enjoy your new pet as it will bring hours of enjoyment

Have a shobox sized box whaped up when opened you find ...a little shreaded newspaper an empty egg sack (made from plastic wrap coated with wood glue) and a large hole chewed in the side of the box

12.22.08, 1:45 AM
Ooh..how cruel...LOL