View Full Version : SPOILER: It takes a lot to make me angry with Robin, but...

7.3.07, 1:28 AM
I just found something out that made me see red.

So let me get this straight.... Robin gets angry with Lucky for arresting Jason.

It trips me out when these women get angry with Lucky for doing his JOB!!!

He's a cop. COPS arrest people. They don't get to pick and choose which laws they follow.


I have always loved Robin, but this is......

7.3.07, 4:42 PM
Oh I know, never mind the fact the he actually did murder Lorenzo and countless other people. With the exception of Alexis almost all the women are like that on the show and have that "Jason can do no wrong" attitude. Those women would include but not limited to Monica, Carly, Sam, Elizabeth, Robin and Emily.

hannah grace
7.3.07, 7:31 PM
That pisses me off too, but then I watched today and how the show went out of it's way to make it clear that Lucky wasn't arresting Jason because he broke the conditions of his bail, but because he was the one who saved Jake.

I have NO problems with people calling Lucky out on being spiteful, but I have serious problems with people calling Lucky out for doing his job. I know they're kinda related here, but telling Lucky he sucks for how he did it doesn't bother me but saying Jason doesn't deserve to be in jail does. If Robin is mad at Lucky for being spiteful, good, but if he's mad at him because she doesn't think Jason should be in jail, well, Robin needs to SHUT THE FRELL UP already!