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12.10.08, 1:05 PM
This better not happen.
This REALLY better not happen.
I am in no mood for ANOTHER season interrupted by a strike.

LOS ANGELES The Screen Actors Guild says it will send strike authorization ballots to its 120,000 members on Jan. 2.
The votes will be counted on Jan. 23, which will not be in time to potentially disrupt the Golden Globe Awards like the writers' strike did last year.
Approval by 75 percent of members is required to pass the measure. If approved, the SAG national board can call a strike.
Guild President Alan Rosenberg said in a statement Wednesday that the future of professional actors is at stake. The guild remains at odds with Hollywood studios over treatment of Internet productions and actor benefits in the event of unplanned work stoppages.

12.10.08, 1:37 PM
I'm hearing that a strike is pretty unlikely, especially considering the economic mess. Also read that the impact on TV would be minimal, the timing would be late enough that most shows would have already been shot. Not sure about movie schedules though. I hope they can work things out and not mess up schedules in the process, at least not more than NBC/Leno have already done.

12.10.08, 2:10 PM
Good, I like what you're hearing.

12.11.08, 3:32 PM
I really hope the actors don't strike. Even if most of the shows are almost done by then, my luck all my favorites will end up with mangled storlines AGAIN this year.