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Michael Jefferson
12.9.08, 10:43 AM
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100 Greatest Scandals
3 out of 5 stars
Reviewed for Coffeerooms by Mike Jefferson

What was the most astonishing scandal in modern history? The Red Scare? Watergate? Jonestown? The four-wheeled Molotov cocktail we called the Ford Pinto? You'll get to be the judge when you listen to Shout Factory's "100 Greatest Scandals." The diverse CD features many familiar and forgotten quotes torn from the headlines that trace many of our countries more public and embarrassing moments. Call them historical, or better yet, hysterical bloopers.

Not surprisingly, many of the most scandalous scandals involve politicians literally taking the law -- or their constituents -- into their own hands. Remember Bill Clinton paging Monica Lewinsky? Gary's "lack of" Hart? How about the dirt on New York's former Governor, who persecuted consumers of the world's oldest profession and wound up #4 in a sexy strumpet's little black book? Elsewhere politicos stick to ruining their own lives or soiling the law, such as Richard Nixon proving he was indeed a crook with each incriminating word, Tom Delay, trying to postpone his resignation, and Scooter Libby trying to dodge the blame.

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