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12.8.08, 7:53 PM
Well I started. I have bought very little so far. Of course the grandkids are at the top of my list. Everyone else in the family may just get a meal and being together with us, lol...

Oh the Black Friday, I stayed in and didn't even put clothes on. Stayed in my pjs all day long. I like days like that.

Its cold here, so I know it must be much colder up north where you ladies are. Who's had snow yet??

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12.9.08, 1:08 PM
HA.. until Friday, the only ones that were done WERE my grandkids!! Hubby and I went out on Friday and pretty much finished the rest of the main gifts. I still have stocking stuffers to pick up and, of course, everything has to be wrapped (I hate that job and always put if off as long as I can). My house isn't decorated yet, maybe this weekend. Hubby has informed me is not putting up outside lights this year. Bah humbug says him... He really dislikes christmas lights.

We haven't had snow yet but they are calling for snow flurries for Friday and the weekend, so we shall see how much we get. We don't normally get a lot of snow here. Maybe a week a year, sometimes it is worse.

Today I am laying low and just doing christmas cards and getting those out in the mail.

Take care and have a great day.