View Full Version : Passions' musical numbers?

7.2.07, 3:40 PM
Were the musical bits on Friday's show from Wicked? or were they from another musical? I hesitate to believe they were original Passions creations. I did really enjoy them, but must admit I still prefer that Passions prison number that was borrowed from Chicago. That was amazing!:sing:

7.4.07, 12:35 PM
They were original productions. If you go to Passions website www.nbc.com/passions (http://www.nbc.com/passions) there are several videos on the making of "Spellbinding". The same composer for the Chicago spoof created the 2 songs for this Wicked spoof.

7.5.07, 6:45 PM
Thanks Jennifer. I really like these little musical bits they do!

7.6.07, 5:32 PM
ITA, they do a great job with their productions. I loved this one and liked Bollywood, except it was from Gwen's POV. If only they could harness that type of energy and infuse it into the show on a daily basis...then Passions would be on fire! I am a daily watcher no matter what happens, I'm hooked lol!

7.7.07, 3:57 PM
The musical was awesome. On NBC, it said they only had 6 weeks to prepare it, from scratch. They did a terrific job!!

7.8.07, 4:27 PM
The musical productions are always a delight on Passions. They seem to go all out for them. This one was exceptional since they only had 6 weeks to prepare everything.


7.9.07, 1:43 AM
I was fortunate to have seen Wicked on Broadway in May & I think that really enhanced my enjoyment of the 2 songs and the back story for Tabitha & Esmeralda. I'd love to know the names of the 2 ladies who played the young Tabitha and Esmeralda but haven't seen the credits for them anywhere. I had stopped taping Passions months ago but taped that Friday just to see the Wicked-Passions style numbers and it was so worth it. I'm keeping that show tape.

These numbers reminded me that sometimes Passions can be really really good. Oh and I loved the subtle (or not so subtle) nod to the old Bewitched TV series with the name Esmeralda.