View Full Version : Dec. 7, 2008

12.8.08, 1:28 AM
How many days now... Sheri...we need you for the count down..lol. Ho..ho..ho... 18 days to go! By the time anyone reads this..it will be less!! Had the grandsons here most of the day..and Terry and I took them to see Bolt in 3 D. They loved it..especially the youngest Davy.

12.8.08, 1:33 PM
Dragsy now it's 17 more days! LOL any ways glad you got to take the boys to go see Bolt. I'm holding out for Austrailia cause want to go see that one but don't know when I'll find time. Got a lot of days to work this week and my only day off is Friday so I want to go out of town shopping that day. Well have a great day off!!:blush2ey:

12.8.08, 10:59 PM
Have fun shopping Julie. Hope the weather is good for you to travel out of town.

12.9.08, 12:23 PM
Me too Dragsy yesterday all the interstate closed all around us! Whew! So hope that don't happen on Friday!:lookaway: