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7.1.07, 11:07 PM

I don't mean to go overboard with the polls, but I just discovered them (and they're fun, hehe).

This should be fun.

Favorite Television Show.

Pick one from the choices and summarize why it's your favorite. If your favorite is not in the choices, write it in and tell me why it should be included. :)


7.2.07, 12:35 PM
Love Heroes...there's a new plot twist every week, and many times I don't see it coming, which, LOL, is a rarity for me. It just keeps me coming back to see what will happen!

7.7.07, 4:06 PM
I picked other. I love Cold Case and also enjoy Without a Trace. I haven't seen all of the shows on your list, but I do enjoy House, M.D.

10.19.07, 5:30 PM
I chose Desperate Housewives gotta love the juicy drama. My others choice would've been Grey's..Mmm Dr. Mcdreamy babe :)

10.19.07, 6:07 PM
Hard choices but have to go with Heroes

11.16.07, 4:54 AM
I agree w/Courtaney....I like "Without a Trace"...love that Anthony....also love "Law & Order". New show I'm hooked on is "Life". It's drama, but I laugh my butt off at Charlie Crews.

11.28.07, 3:06 AM
Its all about the Grey's Anatomy baby! Desperate Housewives is a close second...especially since Grey's has not been as good as it was the first couple of years.

9.9.09, 2:08 AM
For me, Dexter.