View Full Version : Favorite Soap Other than Passions

7.1.07, 9:56 PM
Since this board looked so lonely and I seem to be on a posting jag tonight.



7.2.07, 11:18 AM
I voted for Days...but only because Stefano has returned :) He makes the show interesting. Other than that and Passions, I have zero interest in soaps...I used to hate them altogether until Passions came along in 1999. I love Passions because it's different and I began to like Days a lot after I discovered Passions, but now all of the younger characters that were interesting are gone (or have been replaced by different actors) and it's just not the same for me...but I do like the old school coming back as far as Stefano goes; he really drives the plots along.

7.7.07, 3:07 PM
I watched Days for years and years, but gave it up in 2003. However, I still check in every once in a while, and things are heating up on there!

7.20.07, 1:24 PM
I watch Days and Passions everyday. However, I have been much more into Passions lately. It's just been so interesting... :)

10.19.07, 4:34 PM
Voted for DOOL because of Steve and Kayla; such amazing chemistry even though they havent been on screen too much

10.19.07, 4:51 PM
Stopped watching Passions when they had Chad and Whitney hook up. The show was already borderline retarded so that just did it for me. Yeah I know they were not related but please. That whole storyline was stupid. Passions is not even on the same caliber as these other shows. Days beats out Passions anyday

7.13.08, 4:42 PM
I have watched Days for years but stopped when Passions got the boot on that network. I started watching Hollyoaks and I'm thinking about watching Days only not on that network.

Jennifer Marie
7.7.09, 1:10 PM
My favorite other show then Passions is General Hospital. Reason is because it was the first show that I started watching at the age of 12.

Jennifer Marie
7.7.09, 1:13 PM
Do you still watch Hollyoaks, because that is what I watch now. I recently discovered it on You Tube.