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7.1.07, 10:07 PM
aka The UA is bored but doesn't have enough time to write a 'real' chapter and wants to have some fun before she goes back to studying her brains out tomorrow thread. :D


So...first UA poll, if I can figure out how to do this right.

Who is your favorite UA kid?

7.1.07, 10:48 PM

Guess you can only do one poll with the tick boxes per thread.

That's okay.

I'll make do; wouldn't want to spam the board with a bunch of useless (but fun?) posts.

Nope. I'll just put them in one thread. :)

Here's another poll for you all:

Favorite unconventional pairing(s). Apologies if any are actual couples on the show or just aren't that unconventional; I actually quit watching the show years ago.

*Other (because the list could go on and on and on, lol)

I just realized...I've included most of these in my fics over the years. What does that say about me?

Post yours. I can't wait to read them.


1.22.08, 9:38 AM
Read Is There Life After Love a few years back and i have to say Haley was great, loved how you wrote her.

Her Owlness
5.4.08, 11:54 AM
Well, Kay/Reese is my favorite from that list, but you know I also have fierce love for Nick/Abby. Of course, that pairing is made up solely of original characters, so it probably doesn't quite fit in your UC category, does it? :D