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11.30.08, 11:36 AM
I know this sounds silly but since I finished the "Twilight" saga nothing interests me. I've picked up two books this weekend and discarded them both after the first chapter. Any suggestions?

11.30.08, 4:50 PM
Agent, are you looking for more vamps? I think I remember that you are watching True Blood, is that right? There's a whole series of books about those characters by Charlaine Harris.

Or are you looking for a total change? I hate that feeling of finishing a book/series that you love so much that all you really want is more about the same people.

12.1.08, 8:44 AM
Did you ever read The Mayfair Witch series by Anne Rice? Those are pretty good.

12.1.08, 10:16 AM
I'm not really looking for more vampires because NO ONE could ever compare with Edward Cullen. I just want something that has interesting characters and if there is a little mystery involved - all the better. My friend who just completed the Twilight series said she is having the same trouble. We think maybe we need to just take a break and let those characters get out of our heads for a little while.

12.1.08, 10:30 AM
I finished the first two books and put the third and fourth on my Christmas list so I'm struggling as well. I just picked up Sue Grafton's T book and Patterson's 6th in the Lindsay Boxer series to completely get a change of pace. I'm reading Patterson right now.

12.1.08, 1:08 PM
Agent, I am looking forward to the Twilight series after Christmas.
A couple of years ago I found myself completely blocked regarding pop fiction. Just could not stomach another predictable plot or suburban angst. So I turned to the old classics (you know, the stuff your high school English teacher made you read and you hated it?) and found that I truly enjoyed the craftmanship and the stories. So for a change of pace I recommend:

any of Pearl Buck's China tales
Dickens (requires concentration but worth it)
The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. I am really looking forward to more of her.
Jack London. Wonderful adventure and morality tales. Loved The Sea Wolf.
Orwell, if you need to be thoughtfully scared to death.
John Scalzi has written a delightful sci-fi series in the Heinlein tradition, beginning with The Old Man's War. You don't have to be a sci-fi fan to enjoy them.
Homer Hickam. Loved his Coalwood memoirs, beginning with Rocket Boys (October Sky) He also has a WWII trilogy that I enjoyed, beginning with The Keeper's Son. Pure fun.

Thanks for the Twilight recommendation. I look forward to it.

12.1.08, 2:06 PM
I just read "The Good Earth" over the summer. I am staring at "Bleak House" right now on my bookshelf. I think a classic is exactly what I might need. Thanks for the slap in the face. LOL!

12.1.08, 2:09 PM
Old classics...ah, I love them.
"Catcher In The Rye", "To Kill A Mockingbird", "Jane Eyre".
I go through spells where that is all I can read.
I LOVED it when my kids were in High School English classes.

12.5.08, 7:06 PM
I have been speeding through Michael Buckley's "The Sisters Grimm" series. It's actually written for pre-teens, but it's very well done. It's about two sisters who are descendants of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, who discover that fairy tales are actually true, and that their grandmother is a detective who investigates crimes among fairy-tale folk.

For grown-up mystery, try P.J. Tracy's books; for supernatural mystery, try Heather Graham. I hope that you find something to capture your interest again--I've had similar problems after finishing certain books.

12.12.08, 7:58 PM
Reading Guy Gavriel Kay - he doesnt really have a genre - the best I can say is fantasy fiction. His stories are set in fictional times that generally take from something from our own worlds history (like vikings, constantinople, spain during the time of El Cid).

1.5.09, 4:37 PM
ROFLOL! I'm in the exact same situation. I need my heroin (read: Twilight). Have you downloaded the manuscript for Midnight Sun from Stephaniemeyer.com?? This might help your withdrawal from the Twilight drug. It's the Twilight story told from Edward's perspective. Apparently the manuscript was stolen and put on the 'net, and Meyer just decided to let us all download it since the cat was out of the bag. Unfortunately it's just a partial manuscript, but it's almost 200+ pages long, and really really good! Also she has some outtakes from the books on there that are interesting reads.

I wouldn't recommend the Charlaine Harris books too much. I liked the first one, but they are not as good as Twilight. But pretty good reads.

Let me know if you find something good to read, and I'll let you know if I find something... until then, I guess I'll just have to reread Breaking Dawn. I'm pathetic.

1.5.09, 4:54 PM
I think the Charlaine Harris books are more snarky than romantic, so other than the vamps, not really much alike.

I didn't know you could download Midnight Sun. Thanks for the tip.

1.5.09, 4:59 PM
Her books are sexier, too. Pretty racy. I wouldn't mind a little more extrapolation in the Twilight books - they always fade to black after the kissing.

1.5.09, 10:08 PM
Can you please direct me to the link for Midnight Sun? Thanks. I'll see if I can find it.

1.5.09, 11:02 PM
Here it is...

2.18.09, 8:38 PM
I started reading the Charlaine Harris books after this thread. The first wasn't that exciting for me because I had watched the series, and the first (and so far only) season is based off the first book. So I knew roughly what would happen next. Since then I went through the 2nd book and I'm more than halfway through the 3rd.
I love Sookie. And damn she has some luck with the men/werewolves/shapeshifters. It's isn't like Twilight. There are some similiarties, but these have more humor, and more sexy men/vampires/creatures. I'm loving the werewolf right now. They are like a supernatural mystery with hot vampire love. They have more sex and violence than Twilight. But they are still a fun read.

2.21.09, 10:00 PM
Now I have finished all of the Sookie Stackhouse books. My choice in her men varied from book to book. I kind of wish we'd seen more of Quinn, but Eric is by far my favorite guy. The 4th book definantly made me his fan.

And now I need something else to read. The next Sookie book isn't out until May, although I think my name is at the top of the waiting list at the library for it (or I hope I'm at the top). I'm looking at some of the other Charlaine Harris books, to see if I think they might sound interesting. But I like the whole supernatural fiction stuff.

2.25.09, 1:57 PM
Robert McCammon. Swan Song. Fantastic book.

12.29.09, 10:36 PM
Agent, I've read the Twilight series. The only bad part about is was that it ended with book four, with no chance of a book five, according to sources. I agree with Annie, that you might like Charlaine Harris' True Blood series--I've been reading it and can't wait for Dead & Gone to come out in paperback! Although the HBO series is based off of the books, I'm guessing the books are very different. Great characters, a little mystery, and a very interesting sense of humor kept me enthralled. I would be interested in knowing what you think. I am also reading Laurel K. Hamilton vampire books which are totally different--they are classified as horror. Who knew vamp books could be *so* different?! My son strongly recommends that I finish the Harry Potter series (books 5-7) because I stopped with book 4 and switched over to watching the movies with him. My mother has me reading the Janet Evonovich series that begins with "One for the Money". It seems pretty good. The only problem is that I keep hearing my mother's voice in the narration since she once read me a paragraph to point out how much she thought I'd like the series. Who wants to hear their mother's voice when reading a book to escape the realities of life? lol