View Full Version : Happy saturday to all

11.29.08, 3:10 PM
Been busy this morning. Put out some of our lights outside with help from hubby. Just have to finish putting up my reindeer outside tomorrow or Monday. Will be busy cooking a big dinner tomorrow ..a belated Thanksgiving, since I worked Thanksgiving day. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

12.1.08, 12:56 PM
I read that you had a nice Thanksgiving Dragsy! I'm so glad you did and then went shopping too! How nice! Hope you find time to get the rest of your decorations done. We had a major snow storm on Sunday. But also we had lots of people passing through our town on the way home from Thanksgiving so was very busy on Sunday. Glad I work three more days will keep me busy then I have off Thursday and Friday and plan on getting more shopping done too! I had a great Turkey day and had fun most of the weekend with my boys and family too!:blush2ey:

12.2.08, 12:37 AM
Julie..I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Too bad about the snow..but guess you guys are use to it. We don't get snow often.

12.3.08, 1:07 PM
Yes we are use to the snow! LOL It's snowing again today in fact and did on Sunday too! The winds have been crazy as well. Oh well part of winter right? Any ways thanks for the well wishes! Hope your having a great week! I'm almost done with mine. Today is my last day of work for the week. So then I'll have a few days off to shop! LOL Take care!:blush2ey: