View Full Version : Rosie's new show

11.28.08, 7:53 AM
Did anyone watch The Rosie O'Donnell Variety Show? OMGoodness, it was so sad. It was painful to watch. Liza Minnelli and Rosie song an opening number and danced, very sad. The only part I liked was Jane krakowski, she done a song and dance. I don't think this show will last very long at all.

11.28.08, 8:15 AM
I wish someone would alert Rosie that she has had her fifteen minutes.
I also wish that Rosie had made good on her statement that she was going to go live on an island with her partner and their children and blend into obscurity.
Oh wait, didn't I just hear that she and her partner split up?
Well anyway, Rosie could drift off into obscurity any old time she wants to.
I predict this variety show thing will be very short lived.
I'm all for variety shows coming back, but not with Rosie at the helm.

11.28.08, 10:30 AM
UGH! I can't stand her. She is nothing but a loud-mouthed bullying beotch. Hopefully this show will tank and we won't have to see her on TV anymore. There are not many people that I have such a vile reaction to but she is one of them. I too wish she would just disappear.

11.28.08, 4:15 PM
I didn't watch it. I can't stand Rosie! I've heard nothing but bad reviews on this show. Everyone who watched it said it was awful.

11.30.08, 1:22 AM
Blah I wouldn't waste the time to watch. I cant stand her

12.1.08, 2:35 PM
Hahaha... her show was already canceled!


12.1.08, 5:00 PM
That is good news. I love it when bullies get their comeuppance.

12.3.08, 9:23 AM
Comeuppance is such a good word.
It needs to be used more often.
And happen more often, especially to people like Rosie.

12.7.08, 12:21 AM
oh thank goodness. I didnt watch it, couldnt even stand the commercials for it. She has some real issues she needs to continue addressing on her own time in private...