View Full Version : Happy Thanksgiving everyone...

11.27.08, 2:20 PM
Hope your day is filled with love, laughter, family and friends!!:blush2ey:

11.27.08, 5:33 PM
Thank you Julie and Happy thanksgiving to you! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you coffeerooms gurls ! have a great day1

11.28.08, 10:47 AM
I'm a day late..sorry. Hoping everyone got stuffed just like a turkey..ha ha ha. I had to work..but they fed us well at work...then when I got home...we had finger foods, meatballs, mozarella sticks, veggies and dip. Jill and the boys came down for a while. I am preparing a big Thanksgiving meal on Sunday.

12.3.08, 12:11 PM
Awww sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving even though you had to work Dragsy. You too Coffenut! Glad you all had a great one. I spent Friday shopping. Dragsy I read some where your Thanksgiving Sunday went well too glad it did! I hope all is well for all of you this fine Hump day!!:winkq: