View Full Version : Good Monday morning to all

11.24.08, 11:42 AM
Just thought I'd pop in and say hi to all. I'm off today..and have things to do, but I'm sitting here on the computer instead..ha ha. I have a zipper to put in my daughter's work pants, and finish sewing grandson's curtains. I'm making both of them curtains for their bedrooms...for Christmas. Got them both comforters too. Not going to buy a lot of toys for them this Christmas. Santa will take care of that! LOL I'm working on Thanksgiving day (yeah..greedy Walmart has to be open!)...but working only 5 hours that day. Just won't have time to prepare a meal..so going to have ours the Sunday after Thanksgiving I think.

11.25.08, 12:00 PM
Dragsy was wondering why I hadn't seen you online much! Makes since if your sewing Christmas presents for the grand boys right? Well I'm busy with work still as usual this is my 11th day! Whew! I am going in early too so I can get an extra hour in plus my boss needs me to come in so she can go to do her deposits etc. as usual. Then I'm off for 3 glorious days! Yea! Can't wait. I'm going to enjoy the rest! Seems all I've done is work, eat and sleep latley! Some time for family and fun! Also need to start Chrsitmas shopping! Woot! Well take care! And hope to see around some time! :blush2ey:

11.28.08, 11:48 AM
Julie..enjoy those days off!

12.1.08, 12:58 PM
Thanks Dragsy I did! Was so much fun! I had a great time and even got to go out of town and see my niece and also my sister, also her grandkids who are so cute! Got to know one real well cause she went with us to see grandma! LOL Any ways was a fun time. But been back to the grind since Saturday morning. So I'm going to have a busy week tell Thursday!:blush2ey:

12.2.08, 12:35 AM
Glad you got away though Julie. Well..this is a new Monday when I am posting this. I had another busy Monday. This time it was christmas shopping! I shopped till I dropped!! Whew!

12.3.08, 1:09 PM
LOL Dragsy I'm glad you got some more shopping in! I haven't been shopping since last Friday. But will look around maybe later on today and maybe on Thursday do some or Friday go out of town if the weather permits! Take care!:blush2ey: