View Full Version : Just saw "Twilight"

11.21.08, 2:30 PM
I am still in awe of Edward. LOL! I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was very true to the story and it leaves you wanting more. The casting of Bella and Edward is perfect. The gloomy way it's filmed really has a great "feel" to it. I will definitely see this movie again. The special effects are cool without being overdone. It's very romantic. I suggest getting tickets early and don't even try to see it this weekend.

11.21.08, 2:33 PM
But...were you gooey-eyed? :p

11.21.08, 4:20 PM
Are you kidding? I'm still looking through the goo!

11.21.08, 11:41 PM
so it's not just some teen flick?

11.23.08, 1:09 PM
Not at all. The feelings they have for each other is very mature. While the story revolves around teens, it has a universal theme.

11.23.08, 9:52 PM
cool thanks. Oh one more question - would it be good for someone to see it if they havent read the books, and should it be viewed in the theaters or is it one that can wait to be rented?

11.24.08, 10:27 AM
My husband did not read the book and he got it. DO NOT WAIT FOR RENTAL!!! I can't stress this enough. The scope of the scenery and the special effects - not to mention the extreme close-ups of Edward are breathtaking. It should be viewed on the big screen.

11.24.08, 10:52 PM
thank you!!

12.4.08, 4:16 PM

Kristen: Dude...your shoes...did you steal them from a homeless person
or something?

Robert: Sshh, I am flashing my whimsical, vampire grin at that photographer over there.

Kirsten: And what's with the hair? Did you like load it up with gel and then run through a wind tunnel.

Robert: I'm proving a point. I'm hot stuff right now. I can wear anything I want and get away with it.

Kirsten: Not likely.

Robert: Speaking of clothing, I see you are sporting yet another dress you can't bend over in without flashing the world your booty.

Kristen: I have been told that I have hot legs and I should show them off at every opportunity.

Robert: You might want to chose a pattern that doesn't look like an optical illusion.

Kristen: Oh look, there's Kenneth Cole. Perhaps he can do an intervention on your footwear.

1.5.09, 4:40 PM
I really liked it, too. The lead actor was perfect and really raised the quality of the movie, imo. I'm hopeful that the new director will do as good a job on New Moon as Catherine Hardwicke did on Twilight. Keeping my fingers crossed.