View Full Version : John and Marlena Fired?!

11.19.08, 7:10 PM
It's a sad, sad day for Salem (http://www.coffeerooms.com/tv/news/john-and-marlena---fired.html). I had no idea things had sunk this low for daytime.

11.19.08, 10:06 PM
What? This is horrible. Yet they'll keep stupid characters like, Melanie, Chelsea, Max, Stephanie, Nick and Chloe and let these vets who have made the show go.

18 months can't come soon enough in this case.

11.19.08, 10:07 PM
:confused: Ugh!!! This is insanely ridiculous. You're fired! You're hired! You're fired again! @#*%#*%(*#)$(*#%)(^*U)(*#$)(*#%)(

Just when I was realll y starting to like them again. I love nuJohn. Love, love, LOVE him. And its so great to watch him and Marlena together with him this way. This stinks. Why not just get rid of the worthless young bunch of storyline lacking idiots instead?!

11.20.08, 3:16 AM
Gah this show will definitely go down now. Very sad

11.20.08, 5:51 AM
What? This is horrible. Yet they'll keep stupid characters like, Melanie, Chelsea, Max, Stephanie, Nick and Chloe and let these vets who have made the show go.

Yes indeed.
The vets who made the show get sh*t canned, while the talentless nubiles stay on.
DAYS has been all about the youngsters for years. That is one of the reasons that I quit watching.
It is an insult to long time fans to have fired Drake and Deidre.
Those bozo producers think the ratings are bad now?
Watch what happens when they get rid of two of the viewers favorite characters.

11.20.08, 8:56 AM
Srsly?! I just started watching again because John was interesting again. sheesh, If they're gone, what's left to watch??

11.20.08, 9:17 AM
I always assumed that sooner or later, J&M would be allowed their happy ending and would become the show's anchor, ala Tom and Alice. Very sad that they aren't considering something like that.

11.20.08, 9:42 AM
Well Annie, we all know what happens to an anchor-less ship.

11.20.08, 12:24 PM
Without them and any focus on the veteran characters, this show is meaningless. I also read last night that they let Jay Kenneth Johnson go too. I catch this show if I'm up late on Soapnet from time to time and rarely finish it, it is so boring. I doubt they'll last their 18 months that their hoping for at this rate.

11.20.08, 6:08 PM
Well I seem to be alone here but all I can say IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! Those two mannequins have been wasting space on that show for decades! NOt only were the characters poorly written they were poorly manifested. I will be very surprised if we ever see either one of these "actors" on anything but another soap opera. Of course that is just my opinion based on over 20 years of observation...except for when they had my eyeballs rolling to the back of my head.

11.20.08, 9:23 PM
Yep... you're alone there.

11.21.08, 2:26 AM
At least they can act. Not like some of these younger actors they have on now. Honestly, how can you compare any of the younger women to Marlena? You can't. And I love NuJohn. I think Drake has done an excellent job in creating this new personality.

11.21.08, 11:35 AM
Oh geeze...I see this place hasn't changed much. :rolleyes:

11.21.08, 8:33 PM
Great article on the subject...


11.21.08, 8:52 PM
thanks mtj for the link... what the author says is so true, its hard to come up with fresh, new ideas for the soaps. But, fans are devoted to their favorite characters and favorite couples, so I dont understand when execs break up favorite couples or destroy popular storylines. I LOVED John&Marlena "back in the day", I've tried to start watching again, but I end up FF thru all the new characters, I cant stand Chelsea or Nick, who the heck is this Melanie girl?
Why not give the loyal viewers some pay-off?

11.21.08, 10:34 PM
I think if soaps are having such a hard time coming up with new ideas, then its time for the writers to put down their pens and stop writing. Or why not actually do something smart, and allow the fans to write in their ideas of things they would like to see on the show, read them all... and actually take some advice from the fans, you'd be giving us what we want to see, which means we would be watching the show instead of getting annoyed with the same ole, same ole and tuning OUT of the show.

11.22.08, 5:24 AM
What Mom said is a great idea.
Unfortunately, soap writers have been ignoring what viewers want for years.
Hence, the rotten ratings.
People aren't going to watch what they don't want to see.
I feel the need to write a eulogy for the death of a genre.
A genre in which soaps were alive and thriving and followed continuing story lines about regular characters.
Back in the day, soaps had a loyal following.
People talked about them on a regular basis.
You just couldn't miss them.
Not anymore.
When was the last time a soap wedding made TV history, like the wedding of Luke and Laura on General Hospital?
Oh wait, that may be the last time a soap wedding made TV history.
Soaps don't pack the punch they used to.
I blame that on bad writing and teen-centered story lines.

11.22.08, 2:07 PM
It's all teen-focused (20 something focused) now. Melanie has to be the worst character I've ever seen. Max is blah and it's all about them now. Who cares about Max?

And I'm sorry, but they try to bring back some of the characters from the 80's...Patch and Kayla. It didn't work. They are the most boring couple and I ff through everything about them. Steve's "sweetness and baby" just doesn't cut it anymore.

11.22.08, 11:47 PM
ITA KrisMich...the teens just dont do it for me. And I LOVED Patch&Kayla in the "old" days(I sound like an "oldster" lol), but now they just dont seem as interesting.
And yes, I like the idea of fans writing in ideas...often the FanFics that are written on Fan boards are more interesting and entertaining than what's on-screen.

11.24.08, 4:28 PM
ICAM on the Patch & Kayla thing..it's nice to see their faces but the lack of SL's for them is killing them as a former super couple. And MTJ is sooo right on the lack of hype for daytime weddings. We really just have to face it...soaps are going downhill and theres nothing we can do about it. So sad.