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11.17.08, 12:25 PM
First there is going to be a major spoiler from this past Friday in this post so if you haven't seen it yet you may want to wait until later to look at this.

I just started watching the show a few episodes ago (the one where Melinda ended up being an avitar in a virtual world) and so there is a lot about the mythology I don't know. What happened Friday night confused me and I'm not certain if the show still owes us an explanation or if it's been said before and I just missed it.

I don't understand how the guy died, then crossed over, then Jim took his body and all his deadly injuries were healed. It seems to me that if a body was broken it would continue to be broken, regardless of whose spirit was in it.

If anyone has an explaination I would greatly appreciate it.

11.17.08, 4:06 PM
I wondered the same.

11.19.08, 8:53 PM
I thought they took a little of the movie "Ghost" and was utilizing that idea. Do you remember Whoopie Goldberg being a "body" for a spirit?
I did not particularly like the show last week. The writer's must be having a hard time coming up with ideas. JMO:twocents2:

9.4.09, 8:27 PM
I'm psyched about reruns finally hitting SyFy with a mini-marathon this Labor Day! YAY!