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11.16.08, 6:28 AM
:) Took Son's family out for lunch and went to there house yesterday just for a visit , had a wonderful time!
My granddaughter (just a bit over 2 ) was in a "Grandpa" mood!!!
just wanted to play with me the whole time!!
I was just thrilled had soo much fun watching/ helping arrange Care Bears and play with bouncy balls :) had more fun than I have had for a long time arrnt grandchildren WONDERFUL!!!

11.17.08, 9:02 AM
Yep sweetgurl...the grandkids have my heart, that's for sure! Glad you had a nice time with them! How many kids and grandkids do you have? We have a daughter and a son, and our daughter has two boys..our grandsons. Also she has two stepchildren...but we don't get to see them much..unfortunately.

11.17.08, 11:11 AM
Hi sweetgurl and Dragonmom,
I also spent the sunday being grandma. Christopher was over and of course I have to be there just for him. We played in the sand,played soccer and basketball,painted and played Sorry and Monopoly. i just fell into bed last night Lol. I agree with both of you grandkids are just great!

11.17.08, 1:38 PM
Ohn I have 2 kids of my own both boys 27 and 22

the 27 is the dad only have the 1 granddoughter right now..soon maybe soon ther will be another..

11.18.08, 12:36 AM
Do both boys live nearby sweetgurl? coffenut...I'm glad you got some time with Christopher. I got to see the boys yesterday and some today too. Austin is getting so excited about Christmas. He's the 10 year old. He wants New Orleans Saints stuff to decorate his room. I got him two posters and a pennant and one that looks like a football helmet today to decorate his walls. I'm making him Saints valances for his room too. Plus going to see about ordering him a Saints fleece blanket or make him one. For the other grandson Davy..I am making him curtains too. He's into the movie Cars..and any kind of car actually..so we are gonna go with that theme in his room. I'm buying bedroom stuff this Christmas for them.

11.18.08, 12:06 PM
Aren't Grandkids wonderful? I'm hoping to spend time with mine next week either before Thanksgiving or after not sure which though but will call and make arrangements. Glad your all are having fun with yours!:)

Dragsy the things for the grandsons for Christmas sound awesome. I hope I can find out what my grandkids want and buy more personal for them this year too! Take care!:winkq:

11.19.08, 10:34 AM
Dragonmom I am sure the boys will love their presents. Sounds wonderful! Christopher told me he wants a blue eighteen wheeler,playdough, paints,his own monopoly game and blue pajamas. By the way blue is his favorite color. He wants everything in blue.Lol

11.19.08, 12:19 PM
Sounds like my kind of boy! LOL my favorite color is blue too! So hope he gets his wishes met this year Coffenut but some how I think you will make sure! Take care!:)

11.21.08, 11:17 AM
Yeah we always make sure he gets what he wishes forLol. we spoil him a bit .Lol he is so crazy about blue. We have blue dishes here for him. He won't drink out of anything but a blue cup.His play balls are blue. That's not all he also had to make sure we all have dishes and cups in our favorite color. So when he is here he sets the dinnertable and makes sure everyone gets their favorite color. I tell you it makes for a colorful dinner table.Lol

11.21.08, 11:57 AM
That is so neat coffenut! I am sure your so proud of your little grand son! I'm sure it gives him a since of belonging plus teaches him to help out as well. How wonderful! Take care!:p

11.21.08, 2:14 PM
not a grandparent...my kids are still little but I am so excited to have my parents over for a few days next week. The kids will love it. My Mom though has alzheimers so some days are good and some days aren't.

11.22.08, 6:52 AM
oh I do love being a grandparent!
Im presently out of town visiting my youngest boy helping with a few home repairs(he lives alone)
havent had much time for the internet..will drop in when I can!:biggrinq:

11.22.08, 2:40 PM
I haven't seen my grand kids since Halloween. But I will soon I think maybe before or after Thanksgiving. Take care!:)