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11.14.08, 4:13 PM
Whooo hooo ...
So happy the weekend is here again!
This week went too fast.
Glad to see everyone here posting again. I would love to see the pages full again.
40 days til Santa comes...people!
Dragsy...any better?
Julie...how are things been 4ever!
Sweetgurl...can you please explain what you meant by guy/girl thing? I don't want to assume anything! Nice to meet you as well.
I don't have much planned for the weekend. I need to clean up the onions that are hanging around the garage from when we cleaned up the garden. I have weigh in on sat am..been tough recovering from our trip and all that naughty food and drinks! Sunday is of course Church. We are still looking for a new pastor and the going is gettinf very tough!
Well I wanted to get a littel lausndry done before the kids get up from nap...
You all have the greatest weekend possible.
remember who loves ya baby!:p

11.14.08, 4:37 PM
Hey racemom! Good to see you posting again. Well I've been better Dragsy can tell you or you can email me. I am having some medical issues. But can't afford to get them resolved tell after the first of the year due to insurance and stuff and the Holidays. So just keep me in your prayers OK? Glad things are going semi well for you hope you get all your stuff done before the big Turkey day right? Hang in there. Can't believe the Holidays are already upon us! But I am so busy working I really haven't noticed might even end up shopping locally cause I can't hardly get outta town but would love to, but today the roads were bad so no way! LOL Well take care!:winkq:

11.14.08, 9:22 PM
Hi gang yes I thought Friday would never get here been a VERRR Y looo g Week
just was one of those weeks nothing seemed to work as planned..
Hi Racemom the guy/girl thing well I'm a guy have a hobby of dressing up in womens things dresses makeup just in the solitude of my home... I have enjoyed doing this from a young age pre-teen.. yea strange but hey I have fun..
will be taking a trip to the northren Fl to visit my youngest son in a week been looking forward to that . have a gift certificate for Olive Garden plan on a nice lunch with my wife..
I am adding you to my prayer list Julie..

Did I answer your question Racemom? want anybody to feel free to ask me anything they want I'm wanting to be open as to who I am so please don't be shy..

11.15.08, 1:57 PM
Sweetgurl..seems I've seen you here before...or have I? I've seen you around in one of the rooms I think? Racemom...good to see you back! I am so behind on my christmas shopping and plans!! The time is getting here way too soon...and yes, I am a little better, but there are things bothering me..family things that some of you know..but I am just not ready to share with everyone yet. Julie..I'm keeping you in prayer about your health and financial issues. God is good..He will take care of you..and for my family too. I'm keeping all my friends in prayers..always! I did order me something for Christmas!! I have wanted a silver Christmas tree since last Christmas..so I ordered one online. Couldn't find one around here that was worth having. They were scrawny! I'll have to take pics of it..to share later on! Hope everyone has a good day..I leave for work soon. BTW..I'm posting this on Saturday..Nov. 15.

11.18.08, 1:10 PM
Thanks for the prayers and best wishes everyone! I'll keep you posted. For right now just going to wear a girdle to hold the hernia in and wait tell after the holidays. Then see about making arrangements to get it done etc. hoping my bosses will work with me so I can still work but light duty afterwards too. Since I can't really afford to be off etc. afterwards. Any ways I am siked about the Holidays but want to get ideas for my grandkids so need to spend time with them in order to do so. Hope all is well with your family! Take care!:p