View Full Version : Hi girls how are ya?

11.13.08, 8:04 PM
I just wanted to make sure I post today since most of us are here again. It's nice to see everyone posting again. i have to make sure I come here more often.
I have been fighting this flu since saturday. I think I might be winning lol. I am still hacking my head off but it's getting better.
You all have a great day!!!

11.13.08, 8:53 PM
Well Im doing OK getting over some surgery I had on my hands...a fiber tumor on my left index finger that was wrapped up in a tendon and m
y right hand had trigger finger where the ring finger was painful and would lock up both hands doing better now..
so sorry you are not feeling well do hope you get over it soon..

11.14.08, 4:03 PM
Feel better ladies...

11.14.08, 4:40 PM
Well I've had a better week. Went to the Dr. twice this week so not good. I won't go into detail but after the first of the year looks like I'm going to have to have surgery again. So was depressing. And top of that I'm still just looking into insurance finally again and also with Christmas how does one afford a surgery? So praying I can wait tell after all the holidays are over. I know it's risky but I can't really afford it right now. Might even have to hire a medical lawyer to see if it is something that should have been covered on my last surgery. If so I shouldn't have to pay for anything. Well take care all!:rolleyes:

11.14.08, 4:44 PM
good luck Julie

11.14.08, 9:03 PM
Yes good luck Julie hope everything goes well

glad you are doing better Racemom

11.16.08, 2:33 AM
Coffenut sorry to hear you have the flu. I have been taking the flu shot the last few years..and it's helped. But I still get colds...and they aren't fun either. So sweetgurl..you've had hand surgery huh? Hope things are better now. Julie...hope you can wait it out till after the first of the year. I'll be praying. I just worked today...didn't get off till 11 PM. Heading to bed here soon.

11.17.08, 12:14 PM
I hope everybody is feeling better today. I still got the cough hanging on but other than that i am fine.
Get well soon everyone!

11.18.08, 1:37 AM
Coffenut..glad you are better. Oh dear..racemom is slipping..no count down..LOL. I'll have to email and fuss at her..LOL

11.18.08, 1:03 PM
Well maybe she is getting ready for the big turkey day? LOL No worries I'm sure she will pop in when she can right? Take care!:p