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11.12.08, 10:57 AM
Good Morning all.
yes yes yes...I am here!
Today we are celebrating Thomas' 14th bday! Can you imagine that! WOW
We spent the last weekend visiting Kelsey at college in St Cloud. It was a nice visit but way yoo short. tears were shed by us all. But thankfully she will be home for Turkey day!
Lets see...whats new..well I have lost 53 pounds over the past 9 monthes. I feel great and workout 5 times a week. I give myself the weekends off. Pat lost 40 pounds too. Thomas is also qiuckly getting as tall as his dad. is also now in a size 13 shoe!
We had our first winter snowfall on last thursday. Nothing too bad but it did blow and make traveleling dangerous for us on Friday.
most of it is now melted away. Racing is of course over and Pat finished the season 3rd in points. Thomas finished 5th with his go kart.
gonna run and get some things done around here..
YOU all have the best day ever!:)

11.12.08, 11:13 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THOMAS!! 14 years old? Oh my! Enjoy Thomas!! Tomorrow Terry and I celebrate our 32 wedding anniversary! Long time huh? Glad you had a nice visit with Kelsey. I know about shedding those tears! Everytime we say goodbye to Patrick..I get out the tissues! Glad you made the trip safely. Hope everyone has a good day..and racemom..so good to have you back!

11.12.08, 12:55 PM
ha ha yep I am back

11.12.08, 2:00 PM
WElll Hope the Bday went well and you had fun!
and Congrats on the weight loss!

Its been a hard couple of weeks for me ...made it halfway through this one any luck and Ill finnish!

11.12.08, 2:39 PM
Sweet gurl...we have not met...I don't think anyways...Tell me a bit about you...

11.12.08, 11:05 PM
Hi racemom glad to meet you I'm 51 a guy (part time girl)that likes to clown around and make friends . Married 2 sons both grown have 1 granddaughter and another grand baby in the oven..
Yes I know I"m a bit weird but harmless.

11.12.08, 11:52 PM
Hi racemom,
It's so great to see you here! I can't believe Thomas is already 14. When we first met here he wasn't even in Kindergarten. Wow time flies. We celebrated Shannon's Birthday last week. She turned 21.
Congrats on the weight loss, that is wonderful! And tell Pat congrats on third place. That is very good !
I am so happy to see ya here!

11.12.08, 11:54 PM
Sweetgurl ,
Welcome to the kaffeeklatsch. I have two grandkids and I think grandkids are the greatest! I think we all are a bit weird at times Lol.

11.13.08, 2:17 PM
Wow racemom Thomas is now 14!! Wow getting big huh? Glad you got to go be with Kelsey and she is coming home for Thanksgiving too! That is wonderful! I am sure you miss her terribly but at least she is going to college and doing what she needs to do right? Hang in there. And hope to see you post again soon!:winkq:

Sweetgurl, so your a guy that likes to dress like a girl? Well everyone has to be who they are right? I have two boys too and 4 grand children. One a boy and the other three are girls! So welcome to our posting place! Take care!:blush2ey:

11.13.08, 8:49 PM
Thanks Coffenut and JulieK
Its a nice thing to be accepted as I am does seem like a nice group here
think Ill brows around a bit and see whats going on..