View Full Version : Ho Ho Ho 44 days til Christmas!

11.12.08, 12:48 AM
ok ok ok I will try and find time to get in here to chat with you all. I do miss it. I guess There was a time when nobody posted here and we all got too busy.
I'mmm BACK
HUGS to all:):):):):)

11.12.08, 8:04 AM
Christmas??? ALREADY!!! Oh my I have sooo much to do!

11.12.08, 10:51 AM
I so know what you mean...I have not started yet and that is very unlike me! But I do have a big weekend shopping trip comin gup very soon. I hope to get the majority of my shopping done then. I have a list started but that is about it! I had better get a move on!

11.12.08, 11:10 AM
Coffenut...she's backl!!! Racemom has started the countdown!! Glad to have you back!!

11.12.08, 11:57 PM
Yes she is back and started the countdown Lol. racemom you got plenty of time getting ready. I'll try to get done a little earlier this year too. But you know me Lol

11.13.08, 11:10 AM
so good to have you back racemom...woohoo!!

11.13.08, 2:11 PM
Welcome back racemom! Woot! Well I can't believe Christmas is that short away! Wow! Gotta get cracking. Perhaps next pay check I can get some things ready for Christmas! We shall see! Good to have you back lady!:blush2ey:

11.14.08, 12:32 PM
Well, I work in our local Mall and its been crazy busy for the past couple of weeks... I'm surprised with all the bad economic news and yet people are busy Holiday shopping...people must want to buy now while they know they have some money. I've started on my shopping(I buy most of my gifts in the store I work in :)

11.14.08, 5:43 PM
Passionatic I think people are getting an early start this year and with the price of gas lowering that might have helped people get more money for Christmas too. Any ways I think people are still being more frugal this year but like I said might be because of a number of things. Take care!:blush2ey:

11.14.08, 9:04 PM
Target had there Christtmas decorations out before Halloween was over ..

11.20.08, 12:15 PM
So did our local stores here. Sweet gurl. I guess they are all in a hurry to sell the Christmas product. LOL Oh well I'm ready for Christmas now. :winkq: