View Full Version : Can Sam be redeemed?

6.30.07, 12:39 AM
It will be a hard task indeed.

It took over a year before I could tolerate Babe and
her Mama after the Miranda kidnapping story on AMC

7.1.07, 12:23 AM
I think she can be but it will be all up hill. And it sure as heck better be without Jason!

Overall, she's done a lot of individually nasty, selfish things----and worse, I guess. But she's no Jerry Jax. He's now my gold standard for a person that I firmly believe cannot be redeemed.

hannah grace
7.1.07, 4:44 PM
I'm with Brooke. Sam may suck right now, but she can be redeeemed. She is nothing like Jerry Jax. Hell, I think she's better than Sonny, Jason and Carly....

7.1.07, 11:58 PM
Who is Brooke?

7.2.07, 12:38 PM
this is worse

hannah grace
7.3.07, 6:32 PM
Who is Brooke?

Er, I meant you.... I was in the middle of a discussion with my friend Brooke about something and I guess.... LOL

7.8.07, 12:11 AM
And I bet Brooke didn't even know she was in this conversation!

hannah grace
7.8.07, 10:04 AM
And I bet Brooke didn't even know she was in this conversation!

LOL No, she didn't!

11.9.07, 4:26 AM
Who hasn't made many mistakes on GH? Yes, imo
Sam can be redeemed. She has had a tough life and
and some of the things that happened to her were pretty
awful. She definitely deserves a chance at happiness