View Full Version : Hello do hope I am welcome here

11.9.08, 2:22 PM
Hello Im new here
Im a birt of an odd one Im a gu
y that likes womens clothes and fashion like to play dress up somtimes here to see if I can make a few friends and maybe get some tips on womens fashions and accesories

11.17.08, 1:38 AM
welcome. it doesnt bother me what you like to wear. to each his own! we all have our own little quirks one way or another. I wonder though...one would think there is a forum/board out there in the web for guys with the same interest as you. they have boards for almost everything these days. I bet they would have some experienced guys with fashion sense there that know the ins and outs.

11.17.08, 7:38 AM
Thanks for the welcome!

well there are a lot of forms out there or crossdressing guys some are OK most end up with links to porn sights and things like that...not what I am interested in... I am also a member of makeuptalk.com and have found it to be a good and friendly place to visit

11.21.08, 2:25 PM
Oh I see you point. How disappointing that must be. I think I would hate that myself. Glad to see you making yourself at home here and are free to be who you are. :D

11.22.08, 6:46 AM
Thank you Paxie! :)
it can be disappointing sometimes but just have a desire to let my girlie side out at times , is nice to find some people to make friends and be one of the girls with

11.23.08, 1:23 AM
awe you are welcome. I like to think I understand. Our son likes to let his girly side out occassionally too. :P