View Full Version : Ok, so, when will Bo & Hope start calling Ciara "my daughter"?

6.30.07, 12:25 AM
Suffering through a year and a half of listening to Bo call his son's killer "my daughter" (gag me) has been like nails on a chalkboard. I want to hear him and Hope start calling Ciara "my daughter".

And sorry but "Doodlebug", "my beautiful bug", "little angel", "little baby girl", "your daughter" is NOT going to cut it!!!

As sweet and adorable as those other names for Ciara are, the one that I am waiting MOST to hear is "my daughter".

Come on writers, PLEASE!!! :( :( :(

7.1.07, 6:00 PM
You know no matter how hurt Bo and Hope were or are over Zach's death Chelsea will always be Bo's child and he is going to love her no matter what. And finally Bo and Hope are to a point where Chelsea can't and isn't interested in trying to hurt their marriage. A horrible thing happened but it shouldn't tear them all apart forever. Bope have enough love in them for all of their kids and that's the way it should be.

7.2.07, 4:07 PM
I agree, I'm glad we're over the Chelsea hate. Even though Chelsea deserved their distrust, it makes me sad when parents (and step-parents) seem almost to not like their own kids.

As for what they call Ciara, I think it's normal to call babies all those cutsey nicknames. I don't have kids but when my cousin had both of her children our whole family called them "the baby" or "cutie-pie" or "snuggle bug" or various other nicknames until they got a little older. (BTW, doodlebug is my favorite. So cute! I loved when Hope told Kayla her name was Doodlebug Brady. I hope Bo always calls her that like John used to call Belle "Izzy" or Brady used to call her "Tink".)