View Full Version : Anyone watch Ghost Whisperer?

11.7.08, 7:08 PM
I looked under nighttime TV for a board to post and coulnd't find one so I thought I'd start here.

After seeing the last promo for the show and I went looking for spoilers and if its true, I'm NOT watching the show anymore!!! Truly, what a way to ruin it.

11.7.08, 8:38 PM
Yes I watch. I hope they don't do it. But it wouldn't surprise me. He's filming movies, and they will probably kill him off. It sucks, and I hope they don't do it.

11.7.08, 10:45 PM
ARGH!!! Seriously. This was our girls night show. Cait and I made popcorn and we always watched Melinda. They were talking about having a BABY. I thought that was going to be this season's storyline.

Now this! I'm so not happy.

11.8.08, 7:15 AM
I cried, it was so sad. I agree, the show is ruined.

11.8.08, 9:18 AM
I don't watch "Ghost Whisperer",
but I really hate writers who do this to well loved characters.
Hey goobers!
That is why people watch shows, because they develop affection for your characters.
You do neither yourselves or your ratings any favors by killing them off, or sending them off to the insane asylum (Zack on "Bones").

11.8.08, 2:36 PM
I love Ghost Whisperer, but have missed pretty much all season because of High School football games.

I saw the previews, and if they did what the previews implied, the writers completely suck! They are/were my favorite TV couple and, like Megan said, they were supposed to have a baby!!

Wonder if Melinda will find out she's pregnant in a couple of episodes?

11.8.08, 8:05 PM
My mom watches that show and asked me about finding out if her husband on the show is leaving- so I looked it up and according to tvguide.com on 11/1/08- he is NOT leaving the show. So I donno how they had his death played out last night- but apparently he's not leaving the show. :confused:


11.9.08, 12:02 AM
I wrote an article on this on the Coffeerooms TV blog (http://www.coffeerooms.com/tv/scripted-tv/hewitt-on-ghost-whisperer-pre-season-buzz.html). He's not leaving just yet because..well, he's a ghost now. :)

I unfortunately got wrapped up into this show this season and sobbed like a baby at last night's episode. Somehow J.Love is growing on me and she used to drive me CRAZY!

9.4.09, 8:25 PM
I'm psyched because SyFy is showing Ghost Whisperer from the beginning - can't wait to watch the marathon on Labor Day!!


9.7.10, 9:36 PM
My wife and I stopped watching when they killed off Jim--that was THE stupidest thing they did since killing off Andrea.