View Full Version : racemom come back ,we need you!

11.7.08, 4:45 PM
Racemom it's time for your annual count down to Christmas. I know usually this time of year you announce to us how many more days till Christmas. So you need to come back and continue this tradition. It's not the same without it! lol

11.9.08, 2:21 AM
I wish I could convince her to come back in here. I think she just doesn't have the time..but let's see if you and I can coax her..ok? LOL They went out of town this weekend to see their daughter Kelsey who lives away from home now..in college.

11.10.08, 2:36 PM
Well I don't know how I find time to come in here. Except I'm not working that much. racemom is one hectic lady so doubt she will this year! LOL:p