View Full Version : I'm No Oda

11.6.08, 8:15 AM
But this shot of the Fall foliage turned out nice.
Not bad for a cell phone camera.


11.6.08, 9:59 AM
mtj!!!!!! That is beautiful!! And wow, that was on a cellphone? Impressive camera it has.

*sigh* I love this shot!

11.6.08, 10:04 AM
What a beautiful photo: I love Fall colors and the blue sky behind the leaves indicates a cool bright day, those are my favorites. Our trees in the backyard are at peak color and starting to fall, we spent a day raking leaves.

11.6.08, 12:30 PM
My cell phone is spotty with pictures. It appears it only takes really good shots when I have a lot of light. I tried to take some yesterday in the rain and they turned out awful.

11.6.08, 2:26 PM
Beautiful picture! I love it. I still haven't figured out my cell phone camera. And I almost never have it with me, so there's that, too. I'm definitely a late adapter to cells.