View Full Version : David makes me laugh

6.29.07, 1:17 PM
I could not stop laughing at David yesterday he was really great! I love how he jumped in the bed with Vicki and started kissing her! LOVED IT!!!

Dorian is going to go crazy when she sees this. I Just wonder what she will do or say?

6.30.07, 1:50 AM
I was so happy when he came back to the show! And I love him
"hooking" up (or latching onto) Viki. The look on Dorian's face was
PRICELESS when she walked in on them in bed.

with all the doom and gloom on the show, he is a breath of fresh air.

who looks GREAT in a towel. :-)

6.30.07, 12:29 PM
Why would Vicki protest? I would NOT kick David out of bed for eating crackers, for sure! :-)

4.11.08, 10:13 PM
i always liked david on life he was great on Dhw in may he''ll be back yae