View Full Version : Emma's Kidnapper

11.5.08, 6:20 PM
So who do you guys think her kidnapper is? I was thinking Annie probably set this whole thing up because Ryan is with Greenlee and she wants him to hurt? But then I was thinking Aiden could have done it because he hates Ryan for ruinging his marriage maybe the two are working to together? Or was this something Richie was planning before he died?

11.15.08, 5:22 AM
You sure were right :) I figured it was Annie but I can't believe how they ruined Aidan...stupid stupid stupid.

Suzanne Lanoue

11.18.08, 5:51 AM
I also had it figured out as soon as Annie pulled the nanny away from Emma. And I knew Aidan was involved as soon as Ryan got that message when he was waiting for Jesse in the stairwell. I agree, they totally ruined Aidan! Stupid.