View Full Version : Howdy everyone!

11.5.08, 1:06 PM
Well...thought I'd just pop in for a few. On my way to work. Hoping everyone has a great day. :D

11.5.08, 2:30 PM
Good morning Dragsy! Well it's snowing here! Yep you heard me right! The white stuff is falling down. I'll try and take a picture of it if I get the chance today OK? Got lots to do. Getting my hair colored right now then need to get out and get a few things done today. Well have a great Wednesday everyone! Oh yea, glad them elections are over, but not to thrilled about the results! Take care!:lookaway:

11.6.08, 3:22 PM
snowing huh? wow!

11.7.08, 3:01 PM
Yeppers more snow and wind again today! Urrgh makes a person just want to stay in and of course I can't gotta look for a job and also pay a bill also go take a test for a job later today plus give information for a voucher at the PH facility so I can see my Dr. Whew another busy Friday! LOL:p

11.7.08, 4:35 PM
Hi ladies,
I have been trying to log in for a while but it just wouldn't let me for some reason. I know I had the right name and password.
Anywhoo, how are you all doing? I am doing great, The gas prices are down to 2.86 cents yeah! I loved the election result. Watching history in the making. What a moment it was. Hopefully he will bring this country back on it's feet.
Julie where do you live that you got snow already? We had seventies and eighties till Wednesday and it is now getting chili.
Dragonmom how are you doing? I know you are gonna be so busy at work in the coming holiday weeks. Just remember to rest when you can.
I hope you all have a gerat weekend!

11.7.08, 5:35 PM
Oh Oh I made a mistake. Of course it was meant to say 1.86 for gas. 2.86 was nice a couple month ago. lol

11.9.08, 2:20 AM
$1.86 for gas? Wow..better than us. I think it's like $2.23 here..but going down. Just wish other things would too! good to see you here posting. Weather is nice here too. Julie lives in Wyoming btw.

11.9.08, 12:06 PM
Hi Dragonmom...good to see you back. I'm on my way to work...I hate having to work Sundays, but the Mall has been crazy busy the past couple of days! It has gotten Really cold here(Indiana) and they are predicting flurries.
I'm trying to get some early Christmas shopping done.
Gas around here is down to $1.88 a gallon.

11.9.08, 11:01 PM
Wow, Snow! I saw where SD got lots of snow. Julie, if you get too much, send some south, lol. I love watching it falling from the sky.

I'm so glad to see the gas prices coming down, ours are around 1.98. Dh said we need to go and get some 55 gallon drums to fill up since its that cheap, lol.

I hope ya'll don't mind me stopping in over here. I ususally hang out and post of certain age, but I think the other ladies have lost their way back.

Have a good week!!! CJ

11.10.08, 2:34 PM
Wow gas has really gone down huh? I guess here not that much! But hoping soon we are down to about $2.17 is the lowest I've seen it! Wish it was as low as some of you! Goodness! But hopefully soon right? Take care!:blush2ey: