View Full Version : Does anyone remember Bigmomma

11.3.08, 10:36 PM
Well, thats me. Or was me. I couldnt find my old password from way back then so I made a new one now. Hopefully one day I can remember it, My memory is very bad. My kids used to call me Dory (off of Finding Nemo) Was that the name of it? Maybe it was just Nemo. Anyways.
I'm trying to find on the new boards Beatitudes and its hard. I can find it on the old ones. Does anyone still use the old ones anymore?

11.5.08, 1:03 PM
Hey there...I kinda remember your name on here. Good to have you back! Beautitudes sounds familiar too..but basically the only one I posted at was here,and when American Idol is on..I get busy posting away on that one! I don't think anyone uses the old format anymore. But you are welcome to hang around here. Not many of us..but there are a few!! We need to get the board here busy again!

11.5.08, 2:46 PM
Gee I don't remember what your old name was either! But welcome back! Perhaps if you tell us more about your self we could remember that way? LOL I know I only remember my name cause it's been this way forever so still keep it! Take care and can't wait for you to post again!:winkq:

11.6.08, 3:21 PM
I think she was talking about remembering her password..which sometimes that's hard to remember. I keep a notebook..where no one else knows where it is..and keep my passwords in there for diff sites. I try to use the same password..but sometimes I can't. So I keep notes..lol

11.7.08, 4:41 PM
Hi Grandmab,
Maybe I am wrong. But I think I remember you. Weren't you Craisydaisy's sister? I am not sure if that name is spelled right. We just called her CD.
How is it going ?We would love to have you here. some of the boards were not carried over to the new system. I would say probably those who were not visited anymore are gone.

11.9.08, 2:22 AM
Yeah... I think you are right!!! Her sister's name is Lisa..her name is April..am I right? Been a long long time. Come back in here and say howdy..ok??

11.10.08, 2:35 PM
Wow that does strike a bell doesn't it? Perhaps that is who this is! Let is know OK?:winkq:

11.12.08, 12:31 AM
Yes!!! That is who it is. CrazyDazy is the way it was spelled and yep, we called her CD and her sis was bigmomma. It's all coming back to me. I'll see if I have their emails. I think I still have CD's...her name is Lisa. I'll email her..tell her that her sis posted and see if bigmomma aka GrandmaB will come around more..and have CD join again!:)

11.12.08, 12:38 AM
I emailed them both!! Now I'm gonna go see if racemom will join us again!

11.12.08, 6:47 PM
Crazydazy (CD) emailed me back! she said she might try to pop in sometime. Just like us all..busy lives!!! She didn't mention her sister...but bigmomma aka grandmab... come back and post again! We welcome you both!

11.13.08, 2:18 PM
Well glad you heard from them both right? I am sure they are very busy ladies like we all are! Hope she makes time to come in and say Hi to all of us!:)