View Full Version : Scott Baldwin

6.28.07, 12:02 PM
Okay so on yesterday's episode it was revealed that Scott Baldwin has a so who thinks his son is Logan? afterall Logan hates Scott and maybe the reason Logan hates Scott is because maybe Scott ran out on Logan and his mother.

6.29.07, 3:08 AM
That would be cool, cause that dipstick Baldwin needs someone with a chip on his shoulder to give his a$$ a hard time.

6.29.07, 6:54 PM
the man that plays Scott is the worst actor I have ever seen in my entire life i can't believe that he has been on tv for years

6.29.07, 7:05 PM
Yick. Just what we don't need Baldwin x 2!!! Kill me now.

I admit casting the actor was a great fit if Logan is indeed Scotty's son, but I'm personally not that interested. Maybe he'll grow on me, but he's so brash that it turns me off.

On the teen scene or young adult scene...I like Maxie. A lot. I'm not in love with Lulu as there are plenty of other ppl who already love her. So I'm rooting for Maxie. And whatever happens with her storyline, I hope Coop sticks around. He's a cutie! =)

9.23.07, 3:13 PM
Anyone remembers Scotty's step-parents, Lee and Gail, leaving GH in the 80s? They said that Scotty remarried, and they were going to join Scotty with his "new wife!":wow: A few years later, Scotty returned, and he never mentioned he was married; he was a singel man. Whatever happened to "that wife" who was never named? Could she be Logan's mother?:help: