View Full Version : Baby Jake.

6.28.07, 10:56 AM
Okay who thinks Sam really did kidnap Jake and gave him to Maureen?, who recently was on Everday Heros and lost her baby.

6.28.07, 6:58 PM
I think she saw it. I don't think she did it. But that in itself is bad enough.

6.29.07, 2:05 AM
AHHHHHHHHHH....OMG! That would be soo baaaaadddd! LOL!

6.29.07, 5:58 PM
Sam was lurking in the bushes and saw Maureen come out of no where and picked up baby Jake.

So, Sam did not personally take Jake, but she was a witness for sure, and possibly an accessory after the fact?? :yikes:

I still wish Sam HAD personally taken Jake. Then it would be immediate GAME OVER for Jasam. (I think it *IS* game over for them, but it may still be a slow, lingering death...)

7.1.07, 12:30 AM
You see, I don't want it to be QUITE that obvious. I want Sam to do something that's borderline enough that if he really loved her, he could decide he wanted to get past it. If she kidnapped Jake, we'd never get to see Jason exercise his free will to choose to forgive her. I want him to choose to not forgive her or take her back because he really doesn't feel that way for her anymore---and the only way he demonstrate that is if her actions aren't totally and completely beyond the pale.

Seeing Jake be kidnapped and drowning in guilt (well, now and then she does) is just in that grey area where if Jason really loves her, he will see she's remorseful and forgive her. Which will make him deciding NOT to take her back all the more satisfying! Because he's choosing to be without her on two levels--not just one.