View Full Version : New and old!!!

6.27.07, 11:11 PM
Hey all! I posted here a long time ago...but I've been gone awhile and I'm now back...now that Days is getting good again. Good to be here and pleased to meet ya!

6.28.07, 9:23 AM
Hiya Magnolia!

Welcome BACK to the coffeerooms :) Have fun posting and good to meetcha!

7.1.07, 11:17 PM
Thanks so much! Glad to be here!

7.3.07, 11:59 PM
Marlena maybe should be the center right now...but I'm sorry, and I love Deirdre, but there are much better actresses on the show (Ali, Kristian)... Marlena is a sentimental favorite, and we all root for her. (I think I'm speaking for the most part, anyway.) But she's not near Ali or Kristian, and doesn't bring the ratings. JMO