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6.27.07, 10:39 AM
and that the old board would still be accessible?!?! when i click on the link i normally would it takes me directly to here. and all the font here is so tiny i can't even read anything. i've tried it on both computers here in the office so i know it's not just mine. anyone else having this problame?

6.27.07, 12:11 PM
Hi there Haley!
Sorry you're having font problems. Have you tried adjusting the font size in your browser? Depending upon which browser you use, this option is generally found in the Tools menu under Options.

I know Annie and Mike are slowly changing the links within the old coffeeboards to direct you to here. The new boards have been up and accessible for a few months now so it's getting to be a good time to make the switch.

Please let me know if there is anything you need help with!

6.27.07, 12:42 PM
So, am I hearing that the old boards will at some point no longer be an option???

6.27.07, 2:09 PM
Yes, the intention is to move the forum part entirely over to here. In the long run it's really an upgrade, these being much easier to manage and more updated. From what I gather, the old boards will be read only at some point and all posting will happen here.

Dr. Mike
6.27.07, 2:15 PM
Nevermind...Dr. Mike posted an answer.
Hah! I took mine off after conversation w/ Annie. Yours was correct.

Unknown time in future....:lookaway:

Please put yours back. Thanks

6.27.07, 4:10 PM
To get to the old boards, you can click on the BoardHop-Old School link in the nav bar at the top of any of these pages. The NightTime TV links have been changed on the BoardHop, though, so if you still can't get where you want to go, post or IM me and I'll help sort it out.

The goal is to get everyone in one place (here) and we're trying to make it as easy as possible. Maybe it would be better to just cut off the old boards, but that feels kind of harsh, so we're taking it slow. Please let me know if there's any way we can make the change easier.

6.28.07, 8:48 AM
sorry, i didn't see the old school link until AFTER i posted this thread. i was relieved when i found it:)

as far as making the change easier, i don't know that there is a way to do that other than just NOT making the change. and unfortunately i don't see that happening!! i know we are going to lose alot of posters when the change is complete and that sucks big time! i'm not sure that i will be here as often, simply because no matter how you slice it, the old boards are just easier to navigate. the layout of the old ones is the main reason i kept coming back. i've tried other message boards and they have all been very similiar to this layout and that's why i never stuck around!!!! needless to say, i'll be sad to see the old boards go as well as the friends i've made there.

6.28.07, 9:22 AM
Hiya HaleyD,

Sorry to hear you're not a fan of the new boards. Unfortunately change like this doesn't work for everyone. However, if you do change your mind and want any help at all on navigating around here, by all means give me a holler. That's what I'm here for! :)

Have you tried viewing the posts in threaded view yet? It kind of gives you a similar look to the old boards by letting you view the posts in a tree format.

What else are you finding difficult? Your feedback is most welcome!

Dr. Mike
6.29.07, 11:05 AM
Don't worry. We're working on preserving the old board "tree" (aka, "threaded") style. We're part way there already (see "display mode" and switch to "threaded"), but our intention and goal is to make it so that the threaded mode looks and behaves just like the "old school".

BTW: the reason for the change is not because we prefer the new form over the old (although many, many people do and haven't hesitated to tell us so over the years), but because we needed to change to a system that worked more efficiently on the server.

6.29.07, 9:33 PM
I have been using the threaded mode and noticed that it gives the tree before the messages now. This is a nice improvement towards bringing the user friendly feel of the original Coffeerooms to here. I think the part that I'm missing is where one could scroll down a page and see all the threads and the replies on one single page. Here I'm still having trouble not getting lost.

6.30.07, 12:06 AM
Hiya jgk!

I would try Hybrid then if you're wanting to see more posts at a time. In Hybrid, you still get the tree on top, but the post you click on and all of it's replies show up beneath the tree, rather than just the one post.


6.30.07, 10:45 AM
It's unfortunate you seem to feel strongly about the changes HaleyD. Initially I felt like you when I strolled on to my "home" board after a vacation and saw little signs of big alterations. After one big heavy sigh, I decided.....'ok, I can do this'....and proceeded to play around for a bit. Now, mind you I'm not a young woman so I don't have the same sense of adventure when faced with change, but at my age change seems to be the order of the day. Too my surprise, and a rather odd sensation of gleeful accomplishment, I had the new format figured out in just a couple minutes and voil`a! I discovered I love it! It's actually very easy to get about, new bells and whistles to play with, and I'm even popping into other areas's of the Coffeerooms, which I NEVER did before! Give it a go girl, but you, and your boardmates when they return, are going to love it!
Ta ta! Tango

9.10.07, 1:49 PM
so we can choose the option of having it appear more like the old boards? If not, I know many of us are feeling we won't post anymore. Not because we don't want to, but because it seems to difficult. We've all tried boards like this and this one and still can't seem to navigate with ease. There is no overall view of what's been posted. Going from the subject line to find the posts leaves us confused when we want to find that spot again because so many times the subjects change within the thread, just like any conversation.

Anyway, Mike, are you still working on that? Can we please stay on the old style until that change is made? I fear we will lose touch with a lot our friends when we move if the style isn't similar. Thanks!

Dr. Mike
9.11.07, 12:41 AM
Nobody's telling you to leave the old boards.
Yes; I'm still trying to find a way to make the new boards behave more like the old ones. Some progress has been made; it's in the "Hybrid" view. Try that when you're over here.


9.13.07, 10:32 AM
Nobody's telling you to leave the old boards.
Yes; I'm still trying to find a way to make the new boards behave more like the old ones. Some progress has been made; it's in the "Hybrid" view. Try that when you're over here.

I use the hybrid view and that helps. It's just that you still have to click onto each subject to see it in that format and when I forget which subject something was under I can't tell where to look for it. The topics go from the subject at the top to all different things sometimes and the subject line itself doesn't tell me what's under it. Anyway, I end up clicking and looking and feeling lost, as well as it being time consuming. The overall view of all topics AND their replies is much easier from that standpoint. Thanks for all your hard work!

Dr. Mike
9.14.07, 9:13 AM
I use the hybrid view and that helps.

Thanks for the feedback on this stuff. It's very helpful to hear these things.

9.21.07, 2:48 AM

10.9.07, 3:09 PM
What beautiful boards. It is hard to teach an old dog
new tricks, but once they learn they find this format so
much simplar and easier to read. I am enjoying it
very much, thank you.