View Full Version : Tuesday... What a show !

6.27.07, 9:03 AM
EGADS.. could Cleo be any more creepy, evil, crazy ? Yikes. I can't believe I was actuallyl hoping Jade would clean
her clock. This nut case is scary.

AND CRAIG. OMG.. what an evil creep. Oh.. by the way.. just how many times can Paul be flung off a cliff
and survive ? Really , writers. Now, do you think Meg will tell the truth or cover up for sick Craig ? I just don't know.

6.28.07, 10:08 AM
Is it just me or are we seeing subtle changes in Cleo? That little smirk she gave Jade when Will was yelling at Jade... and then her face just slipped back into the Cleo mask... like you said, creepy! And yesterday she seemed much more focused, less cooky, not quite so Cleo-y (as Will put it) when she was headed out the door to "take care of Jade". Makes ya wonder how much of it's an act.

7.2.07, 11:21 AM
Agree. I thought it was an "act" all along. She definitely has an agenda but my question is whether her "agenda" started before or after she came to Oakdale?

7.2.07, 1:51 PM
I don't know if the agenda started after she'd been in Oakdale for awhile or if we're just now being allowed to see it, but I'm noticing things about her that I haven't noticed before. Until recently she was just a naive, very socially inept person (at least that's all we were shown) so that's all I have to go on. If she has been like this all along, she's even scarier than I thought 'cause she's done an amazing job of hiding it.

7.3.07, 6:02 PM
maybe this Cleo storyline has been about redeeming Jade all along. Maybe Jade is going to save the day.

7.3.07, 9:22 PM
that would be something if Chloe's story line is about redeemng Jade...Chloe is sooo creepy!!! but she is alot smarter than everyone thinks...she has some type
of plan to get ride of Gwen and have Will.

7.22.07, 8:31 PM
I miss Jade...wish they had done more with her. Cleo is way too annoying.

Suzanne Lanoue