View Full Version : Anyone reading "Twilight?"

10.25.08, 3:42 PM
It's the first book in the teen vampire trilogy. I'm almost done with it and I must admit I'm hooked. I just took a peek at the movie trailer and it looks good!! The book is not scary and I see why teens (and adults) are so fascinated by it. It's kind of like "The Breakfast Club" for dead teens. LOL! Has anyone else been reading this?

10.25.08, 4:31 PM
No but now I'm curious.

11.6.08, 2:30 PM
I am reading it right now. I dont like books about things like this but I cant put this one down. Just picked up the 2nd book.

11.7.08, 10:47 AM
I literally JUST started it. Look forward to getting into the story and definitely trying to finish before the movie comes out. In fact,that's what prompted me to finally start reading it.

11.10.08, 1:57 PM
I'm half way through the third book now and my girlfriends are bugging me to "hurry up" because they want it. We have all become totally engaged in this story. What a great, fun read.

11.11.08, 9:45 AM
Ok, it's official. I am INSANELY addicted. I used up my entire day off finishing book one and starting book 2. The draw to their relationship is pretty amazing.

With the exception of some eensy plot holes (that my tired brain cannot recollect at the moment, I'll get back to you) and some awkward dialogue (that I will happily chalk up as realistic teenage babble), this book is reee alll y good. I totally get the draw of it. Stephanie has NAILED that feeling of being in a new relationship that you'd do anything for. The way she has written it, I feel completely involved.

Jumping straight into book 2 is difficult because I'm still coming off the rush of book 1 (if you've read book 2 then you probably know what I mean). I'm about 1/4 of the way through and can't wait to pick it up again today!

11.12.08, 8:48 PM
You are so right. It's the draw of the first love thing. I can't stop thinking about Edward. LOL! See you in line at the movies next week.

11.19.08, 2:05 PM
I am going to the movie on Friday. I am very excited about it. I know it wont be as good as the book but still looking forward to going.

11.19.08, 2:52 PM
I'm pretty sure Ry is planning on going this weekend. I know she finished the last book a couple of days ago and was happy with the whole package. I've read some people who are disappointed with the end. Also that Book 2 will be much more expensive to film, more CGI stuff as well as location, that it will depend on how this one does at the box office. Then saw that more than 10,000 turned out to see "Edward" at a signing, so I'm guessing that they will be pleased with the numbers for the weekend.

11.21.08, 10:41 AM
I am going to see the movie at 12:00 noon today - the first showing. I am so excited. I am half way through the fourth book and have not lost my interest. I take this book with me everywhere I go. LOL!!! I'll post back after the movie.

11.21.08, 11:27 AM
Apparently these books have become quite the "phenomenon" amongst teenage
girls. (And Agent :cool: ).
I heard a talk radio show yesterday afternoon and tons of parents were calling in and saying that their teen and pre-teen girls were somewhat addicted to these stories. I'm sure the movie theaters will be packed this weekend. Just goes to show that a time honored storyline like "vampire love" can still be trotted out again and enjoyed.

11.21.08, 11:46 AM
I read yesterday that it is the 6th biggest in pre-sale tickets ever. From pictures I've seen of the crowds of girls wanting autographs from "Edward", I'm not surprised. There will be swooning, :)

11.21.08, 11:52 AM
Speaking of the movie,
girlfriend could have used a little fashion advice regarding her..um...get up.


11.21.08, 1:00 PM
A not so kind review...
Edward Douglas on ShockTillYouDrop.com (http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/reviewsnews.php?id=8564) is less kind, breaking it down like this: "Essentially, a CW take on Anne Rice, catering to the gooey-eyed fans of Meyer's novels and their unrealistic romantic expectations."
So if you are checking it out this weekend, be prepared for sold-out shows, long lines and, apparently, fans with gooey eyes. :)

1.5.09, 4:41 PM
Hooked, gone, completely addicted. If you want to discuss it, I'm here!!

1.5.09, 5:02 PM
mtj, who is that? Is she the heroine in the movie? And yes, a little help from a stylist is in order. It looks like her strap broke and everything is heading south. Also, hair is some combo of too severe + forgot to take the rollers out.

1.5.09, 9:42 PM
Yes, that's Kristen Stewart. She plays Bella, the lead. She was the little girl in Panic Room, remember? I have seen a few interviews with her and she's acts a little superior, imo. She's only 18, so I'm sure it's just immaturity, but she always comes across to me like she is above all this silly Twilight stuff. She is very pretty and good in the movie, tho.

1.5.09, 10:06 PM
I don't like her. She's too uppity for me. She was kind of rude to Robert P. on the Today show and I felt sorry for him. She was really boring with David Letterman.

1.5.09, 10:55 PM
I feel kinda the same, but I'm trying not to hate her, she is Bella after all,lol!

3.11.11, 11:07 PM
<3'd the Twilight books!! I own and have read all four :read: Can't wait to see Breaking Dawn this November :toothyz:

9.8.16, 6:01 AM
Ugh, these books are cancer. They promote unrealistic expectation in girls, we've had enough of this problem with boys. This is like 50 shades of grey, pure emotional porn.