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10.25.08, 2:53 PM
I leave for work soon..but off the next three days. The weather is beautiful here. Fall is here, and the temperatures just put me in a good mood. Not sure what I'm gonna be doing my days off yet, but just plan to enjoy them. Hope everyone had a good week and have a great weekend.

10.25.08, 6:12 PM
Hi there...I have to work all weekend...ugh, plus its Fall Break for the schools around here, so the Mall is full of Teens :)
I too am enjoying the wonderful Fall weather, the trees are about at peak here in my part of Indiana...its really pretty.
Hope you are enjoying a good weekend

10.26.08, 6:31 PM
Well getting here a day late, but what is new? Right? LOL Well weather here yesterday was awful the wind was so bad it blew the trash can's and also the windshield stuff all over! It was a mess! People were grumpy and so I was too LOL Any ways today it was a lot less windy and warmer out so everyone was in a good mood. Also because the price of gas went down again! Can you believe ours is still the cheapest in town. Here it is $2.36 a gallon! Wow! Any ways poll for everyone how low is your gas? I'm curious, let me know OK?:winkq:

10.27.08, 12:52 AM
Hey there. Wish gas was as low here..but it's getting there. It was $2.61 yesterday.

10.27.08, 3:01 PM
Well it's still $2.36 a gallon here. One place is having it for 2.35 but won't use it cause it isn't quality grade gas like shell. So sticking with Shell for that reason! LOL:blush2ey:

10.29.08, 12:52 AM
Gas went down again. Terry said someone told him in town there's a place for $2.43. Maybe we'll be as low as you guys soon.

10.29.08, 12:59 AM
We just paid $2.18 today for gas! (I'm in Indiana). It hasnt been this low in a long time, but I have the feeling prices will creep back up again.

10.30.08, 4:16 PM
Well as far as I know it's still $2.36 here hasn't gotten any lower. But then again I haven't been to work since Monday night either. LOL Nor on that side of town either. But will be today and check it out. I might even gas up again today just in case it does decide to go up again! LOL Any ways here in Wyoming it seems to be continuing to drop as I type this hopefully it will do more! Would be nice I think! But $2.18 is definatley lower than us, Wow! :blush2ey: