View Full Version : RIP James E. Reilly

10.25.08, 2:28 PM
I was watching Days on Soapnet last night and they had a "In Memory of James E. Reilly" at the end of the show. I looked it up and he died last weekend after heart surgery. He was only 60 years old.

10.25.08, 2:32 PM
I heard about this.
I thought it may have been discussed on the active DAYS boards.
Reilly gave his due to daytime television, some of which I appreciated.
Thanks to him for his contribution and happy trails to him in The Summerlands.

10.26.08, 1:20 AM
Oh how sad. I had no idea. My prayers go out to his family

10.30.08, 11:50 AM
I kept checking in at the old "Todays" board because he was so despised there. Hardly a word was mentioned. I found that strange. As for me, I've stopped watching again. Took the show off my DVR. It stinks.

11.2.08, 9:39 AM
R.I.P Mr. Reilly