View Full Version : Why would anyone name their daughters Pretty and Fancy?

6.25.07, 3:59 PM
Another example of Crane poor parenting.

6.25.07, 4:28 PM
Someone named Ivy?

Just kidding.

6.25.07, 4:45 PM
Ivy was still mourning the loss of Sam and she hated the Crane name so she figured what the hay I'll name them Fancy and Pretty, and of course Julian was drunk out of his mind and didn't concern himself with women's work and probably didn't even meet them until they were 2 or something, jk :jesterbob:

8.10.07, 12:50 AM
Ivy must have been pretty doped up and thought her birthing room was fancy.

8.13.07, 9:12 AM
LOL, all of those answers are entirely possible...I think the other day (When Pretty asked her mother why she recieved that name), Ivy said that it was Julian's idea because she was such a pretty baby. I don't know about Fancy, but I still maintain that it's her nickname (possibly given to her by Grampy?)...

8.19.07, 1:07 PM
I don't know, there might be a pretty fancy fox coat in her closet or something....

(Okay, I know his name is Nicholas Foxworth, but it was kind of funny.)

8.19.07, 8:26 PM
Then its a pretty fancy fox coat that's worth a crap load of money.